ques. about the NLN exam

  1. Has anyone here recently taken the NLN exam ? I am planning to take it this summer and have no idea what to expect. How does it compare to the ACT for those of you who took that ? Someone told me it had a lot of chemistry on it. Does it ? Thanks so much for any help.
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  3. by   ckkala
    I will be taking it 2/11 so I can post about it then. I did buy the study book and have reviewed that.
  4. by   WannaBeNurse2
    Quote from wanabebabynurse
    Has anyone here recently taken the NLN exam ? I am planning to take it this summer and have no idea what to expect. How does it compare to the ACT for those of you who took that ? Someone told me it had a lot of chemistry on it. Does it ? Thanks so much for any help.
    I took the NLN exam in Jan and i did not get the score my school is asking for so i will be taking it again in July. I don't mean to scare you but the NLN exam is difficult. It does have a lot of chemistry and physics in it and if you have never taken those two courses i would advise to review all you can. The verbal is not that bad. I did not do so well on the math part becasue i just blanked out. The math part has a lot of basic algebra and gemotry. What sucked for me was that our nursing school does not even require chemistry and physics as a pre-requisite!! that is very frustrating!

    Good luck!
  5. by   RedSox33RN
    It was a harder exam than I thought.

    Some points to study: Algebra and Geometric concepts, chemistry concepts (be sure to know the major symbols, like Nitrogen, Oxygen, Calcium, etc.) and weird as it sounds, basic electricity concepts (I had a questions about Ohms's, and was clueless).

    I ran out of time on the reading comprehension. I read each "story" twice, and then I didn't have time to answer the questions. Read and understand, but watch your time. Practice reading news stories quickly, but with understanding of them.

    Since we couldn't use calculators, I really spent time brushing up on doing math problems without one (like what problems do you do first, the ones in brackets or parentheses), and did a lot of "solving for x".

    If you have time left over after finishing any questions, go back and check your work. I found 3 in the math section that I had misread and marked the wrong answer.

    Also, I've learned from that exam and from my nursing exams, don't spend too much time on any question. Make a light mark on your answer sheet so you know you skipped one, and go back to it. We're learning now the same thing with our exams. Read the question, see if you know the answer w/o looking at the given answers, then see if your answer is there. If not, does one make sense or is similar? If you're stumped though, move on and come back. Time does move by quickly.

    Good luck to you!
  6. by   luvmypatients

    I took it about a year ago. My math portion was all algebra word problems, the reading portion was pretty easy. Had to read paragraphs and then answer questions about what you read. The science portion was the hardest. A lot of chemistry, physics, biology. I started studying about 4 months before because I have been out of school for 12 years. I bought all the books available and just study, study, study. Things worked out well in the end.
    Good luck to you!!!
  7. by   chattypattyCRNA2B
    Quote from wanabebabynurse
    Has anyone here recently taken the NLN exam ? I am planning to take it this summer and have no idea what to expect. How does it compare to the ACT for those of you who took that ? Someone told me it had a lot of chemistry on it. Does it ? Thanks so much for any help.
    They may change the test periodically. I just took the test about a month ago. I recently got my score back and made in the 85 percentile. I didn't really study either. I bought a book and never looked at it until the night before the test. What I studied wasn't even on the test. It's really difficult to study for. The only thing you probably can brush up on is math. But when it comes to comprehension and stuff like that, you either know it or you don't. It really is like the ACT. It was not bad at all. The science section was mainly general science that covered mostly chemistry and some human a&P. The chemistry was really elementary. But like I said, there may be different versions of the test. Hope this helps.
  8. by   cemanuel
    I just took the exam on March 9th. I found the verbal & math content to be painless. However my Chemistry & Physics skills proved to be rusty.

    I wanted to pace myself however I ran out of time on almost all of the sections. The worse part was NOT knowing if this exam PENALIZED you for GUESSING. At this point, I am still not sure if I would have been better off "rushing to fill in anything" during the last 2 minutes of the exam.
    If I can offer any advice PLEASE make sure you know that before you take the exam.

    I did use the Review Guide for RN Pre Entrance Exam, 2nd Edition
    by Mary E. McDonald
    and it was helpful. However, it cannot be your ONLY source for the Science content. Also, I found a FREE website that gives you 5000 SAT vocabulary words to study from. There were at least five words off of this list that I also saw on the NLN exam. www.freevocabulary.com.

    I graduated high school 16 years ago. Since then I have taken the SAT (for undergrad), the GRE (for grad school), the GMAT (for grad business school) & the LSAT (for law school) exams. Although they all were challenging exams, I found the NLN to be a little more challenging in the Chemistry & Physics sections. It was probably due to the fact that I havent visited that content since my first two years in college (14 years ago)!

    I guess I will find out my fate in another week or so. GOOD LUCK!!
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  9. by   littlenursey
    I took my NLN Exam on March 5th
    It was so looonngggg
    I chose to take it on a Saturday and dedicated that whole day to the Exam(Got my shift at work covered...got a lot of sleep...ate a good meal)
    I bought the same book that CEMANUEL mentioned...it helped

    We had insufficient to do the Exam though(Verbal 80Q in 60 min. Math 54Q in 60 min ,and Math 80Q in 60 min) so you have to pace yourself...practice is good
    A lot of my friends did not finishe math and science parts :stone
    Bring spare pencil, eraser, and a watch!...that way you can periodically check how much time you have left.
    I just got my result back to day...it's kinda confused to read
    Good luck all around :chuckle
  10. by   Glrer21
    I took the NLN last October...The scores range from 0-200...It is recommended to get at least a 100 to help your chances of getting into nursing school...I did really well on mine I got a 125 and I was accepted into nursing school...I used a great book to help me study for the test and it was very helpful it's called the NLN Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam. You can order this book online at most book stores..It costs around $26, but it is well worth the money...I remember that the majority of the test was science especially Biology and Chemistry so it would be good to study the science section the most.....You can even go to the NLN website to do a few practice questions.. The website is www.nln.org....so you can check it out...I wish you the best of luck on this test...Always stay confident and get lots of sleep the night before the test and you'll do just fine...Good Luck!!!! Keep us posted on your results!!!

  11. by   alegea23
    I just took the NLN yesterday. There were 3 sections: verbal (80 questions), math (60 questions), and science (80 questions). We were given 60 minutes to complete each section. I ran out of time on the verbal and math section, and ended up having to bubble in the rest when I saw I only had 5 minutes to complete each section. There were 85 students there taking the test, and the school is only accepting 36 of those people. I came out of the test feeling very discouraged, and today feel the same. I am trying to think of a plan B if I'm not accepted. The lady there said we could get our results from the school's website in 2-3 weeks, and it will show how we did in comparison to the others that took the test. We will then receive a letter in the mail in about 4 weeks on whether we've been accepted to the January program or not.
    Right now, it's a toss up on whether I will be accepted or not. I didn't feel confident and guessed a lot on the test. Except for the math, I knew those answers, but then again, I ran out of time so had to bubble in the remaining question's I didn't get to. I had about 10 questions left on the math and ended up having to bubble them in.
  12. by   jodyangel
    I think its SO not fair to have to take the NLN when whats on it is not even related to nursing!! In all honesty, you won't do any math as a nurse unless its "The doctor ordered 1000mg of Motrin. You have 200mg. tablets. How many tablets do you give?".
    Anything deeper than that can be called to the pharmasist. I just think its stupid to get that deep into math Blahhhhhhhh!!

    < I hate math can you tell? LOL
  13. by   Paula7
    i'm very nervous. i am taking mine in jan and then maybe in feb? since i may need to! :chuckle
    i've been studying from that $26 book that was recommended (sold in bookstore) and i haven't been doing well!!
    so we can't use a calculator? i'm in trouble for sure then!!!
  14. by   alegea23
    I just received the letter today from the school and I got accepted. I start in January... three months from now. I can't believe it. :hatparty: I'm pretty psyched right now. Plus I just started a job that I really like too, but have chosen to go with the nursing. I have 3 months to save as much money as I can. Just wanted to let everyone know. I'm so determined to make this happen. One step at a time.