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Anyone deciding between pre-med and pre-nursing? In doing this are you trying to complete both pre-med and pre-nursing requirements? Any information that has helped you choose pre-med or... Read More

  1. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from FutureNurseSaga
    Well isn't Mt. St. Marys different than other nursing programs cause they have that dual-degree thing going on where you earn a BSN in biology and Nursing? Theoretically after those 5 years you could work as a RN or apply to Medical school.
    Actually, I went to look at the site and they require either chemistry or physics. I can see the use for chemistry for nursing, but not as much physics.
  2. by   OregonBSN
    I finished my first Bachelors in Biology with a Pre Med focus: Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Psychology, Genetics... Now that I am pursuing Nursing there was a lot I didn't take... Anatomy & Physiology (since you take Gross Anatomy in Med School), Developmental Psychology, Nutrition, Anthropology & Sociology.... so if you choose to follow medicine in the future, the pre med courses will be a good foundation. Just make sure you cover your Pre Nursing requirements at the same time.
  3. by   aewelike
    I am currently majoring in pre-nursing but I want to pursue medicine in the future is it wiser to complete nursing then take the pre classes for med school and apply or struggle juggling both pre med and nursing classes.
  4. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from aewelike
    I am currently majoring in pre-nursing but I want to pursue medicine in the future is it wiser to complete nursing then take the pre classes for med school and apply or struggle juggling both pre med and nursing classes.
    This is the same thing that I have been pondering...I've already taken Bio I/II and Chem I/II, but I've still got Organic Chem and Physics to do. I start nursing school this January, and I've pretty much decided to wait at least until after the first semester of nursing school.

    Medical school isn't going anywhere and if it takes me a little longer, so be it.

  5. by   AtomicWoman
    A friend of mine wants to be a doctor, and I was surprised when the college counselor told her NOT to take Anatomy and Physiology. The counselor said med schools are looking for people who've had the necessary science prerequisites (Chem I and II, O-Chem I and II, Physics, Biology, etc.), but that A&P isn't considered 'necessary' because you take Gross Anatomy in med school. So I looked at a few medical school websites around here and sure enough, they don't expect you to have A&P. So, just be aware that the prereqs are different for nursing school and med school. And take a look at medical school admissions requirements when planning your semester's coursework, if you think you might want to go to med school. 2 semesters of O-Chem - Yikes!
  6. by   SarasotaRN2b
    True, you don't have to take A&P...however, it will be considered within your science GPA and it will help with the MCAT. Dependent on where you take your biology, you do want to make sure that you take the biology on the micro level (Usually Bio I) where you delve into DNA and genetics. It isn't necessary but it might be helpful.

  7. by   ajr716
    I found myself in the same boat earlier today. I was trying to find information regarding pre-med prereqs from my college; of course they weren't of any help, but this thread has answered my questions. I am wanting to complete my RN/BSN and apply for med school while still working...sort of as a "see if I get in" kind of thing. Good luck to everyone out there who is thinking about going that route. In my opinion, nurses will make the best doctors.
  8. by   BellasMommyOBRN
    i tried taking some pre-med courses while taking my pre-req's for nursing school and imo, after knowing what i know now, i don't think it's a good idea. i know i will go to graduate school whether it's for medicine or furthering my nursing career but i don't know exactly when. so, all those science courses that i fought through (for medical schools) may expire before i even apply! my advice to students that plan to switch to medicine (like me) later on, take your pre-req's when your ready to go that route!
  9. by   hiddencatRN
    Quote from jla623
    Yeah I guess I would just assume that most people would already have most of those classes as a nursing major since I do.
    I looked in to doing pre-med classes instead of nursing school, and the additional requirements are pretty significant: none of the nursing programs I'm looking at (both BSN & ADN) require calculus or more than 1 or 2 semesters of chemistry, and the general biology requirements are at a much lower level than med schools and PA schools that I've looked at.

    I thought about trying to do the pre-med classes during nursing school since I'd have my non-nursing classes out of the way, but I also feel too old to be looking at 2 more years before I'd even be able to apply to med school. You really can't have it all, and I would rather have a good career and be able to have and enjoy a family than spend another decade or so in school, racking up $100K+ in debt.
  10. by   audqyee
    Hiya! although I may be late in posting, but yes. I'm currently doing pre-nursing in my local Community College and will soon/hopefully transfer to the University of Arizona where I'll do the rest of my prerequisites next year. There is an opportunity there since, even though I'm taking all the nursing classes in Fall and Spring, I will be taking all of my prerequisites, which is Gen. Bio, Org. Chem, Physics sequences, in the summer since that summer is divided into two different parts. If I can't, then I'm planning taking a year off between graduating from nursing and going to medschool by doing the U of A post baccaulaureate program and getting some experience to bolster my appication.

    Is anyone on the similar path here as well? I've been reading a lot of comments about if I'm doing medicine, then I shouldn't be doing nursing as an undergraduate. Well, I say do what you are passionate about. I'm passionate about everything clinical and other majors like the basic sciences won't give me that opportunity, and even if I did, it'll only be limited to volunteering and stuff. I'd rather be a year off than traditional medstudents but at least I've experience the clinicals of nurses. I'm 19 y.o btw and if all goes to plan, I'll be going to medschool by 23.