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hello, everyone. i am a paramedic with 5 year experience on als ambulance, now moving towards my aas degree in nursing. i would like to get some input from other medics who became rns, or rns that... Read More

  1. by   medicrnohio
    I transitioned from medic to RN through the Excelsior program. I found the hardest parts to be needing a doctors order for nearly everything and being stuck inside the hospital for hours at a time. I have done telemetry, ER, home care, and ICU. So far I have found ICU to be a wonderful use of both my medic and nursing skills. I have also found that their is quite a bit of autonomy in the ICU setting and we have protocols for many things. Good luck to you as you make the transition!
  2. by   Silika
    Pete, Donna, MissMab, Medicnohio, Thank you all for the input. You are great, very inspiring, good motivators! I know where to go if I ever get stuck in the study box, and need a new kick start. This web site is the best!
  3. by   Silika
    [color=palegreen]hi all you good people, anyone who is going or has gone to excelsior college to get your rn, please pm me anytime i would like to talk to you...! thanks!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Quote from silika
    i probably would feel right at home if i chose er specialty, but what other specialty would you and everyone suggest for paramedic to rn person?
    i love the nicu. you get the critical care aspect which i think is always "in our blood" but it's different enough from ems to make it really interesting.
  5. by   Itshamrtym
    Hi I know that this post is a little old, but I thought I might be able to help you. I am not a paramedic. (ADN RN) going on for BSN. Any way when I was studying with EC for my RN (LPN @ THE TIME) I met a paramedic at one of the testing centers. He was farther along in the program than me. He helped me with a few textbooks ect. He had no problems with the nursing concepts 1-7 exams at all. But,,,, he failed the CPNE 3 times. So he was out. He was a nice fellow, but a bit cocky. Everyone knew he was a paramedic. Trust me attitude means a lot when you go to take the CPNE. YOU want to be confident, but not too confident that you come off as a know it all. Good idea getting used study guides for Rue, chancellor, Don't sign a contract with any of these companies. Get your stuff second hand. I used the college network, but this is costly. Didn't know any better. Also I totally agree with previous post::: Go to the CARE PLAN LAB in Indianna. they will teach you everything you need to know and will teach you the EXCELSIOR way. I also went to excelsior's workshop. found this a waste of money and beating a dead horse. Spend the $800.00 and go to Indianna. Buddy up with others to share room costs and transportation costs. YOU want to pass, and not have to pay all of that money over again. And there is a long wait list to take the test. Hope this helps you Good Luck DAWN
  6. by   ParamedtoRN
    Ugghh.. I'm just waiting to hear back from my schools that I applied to.
  7. by   ParamedtoRN
    Hopefully, i get in.
  8. by   ParamedtoRN
    Where did everyone else go to nursing school that were prior street medics?
  9. by   ParamedtoRN
    Any medics from california?
  10. by   Merced
    As a teacher of basic nursing (CNA), over time I began to notice that there was a familiar theme amongst paramedic-turning-nurse: they don't think they have anything to learn about nursing - when they first arrive, that is.
    If they can "put on their listening ears" (as Judge Judy says), they eventually learn that nursing is about a lot more than saving lives in high-drama situations.
    A word to the wise: Ditch the attitude when you go to class. You are the student, not the teacher.
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