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  1. Hello my sister and I are both applying to a nursing program in the fall semester. I have this question for her that I thought someone here could answer. She has a 2.3 gpa but the school requires at least a 2.7 is it possible for her to still apply to the program withthe 2.3 before the October deadline as long as she gets a 2.7 at the end of the semester? She is taking courses in the fall to boost her gpa.. thanks for your help!
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN

    1) Nursing schools are VERY competitive!!!

    2) Most universities/colleges, especially public, will not even consider you a viable candidate unless you GP is 3.5 or greater ( I am sure there are a few that might). You have to remember you are competing with hundreds of other applicants with very few seats, so your chances of getting in with a low GPA are about zilch.

    3) Not trying to put you, or your sister down, but you may need to retake some classes in order to get your gpa up!

    4) It is very unlikely that the school would accept someone into the nursing program who does not meet the gpa requirements, as again chances are, are that there are hundreds of students competing for this seat and the school wants to give it to the person most likely to succeed.

  4. by   Rn2bmomta
    ok the application deadline isn't until October however the updated grades wont post til December. I thought she would have still been able to apply in October until her grades posted in December. we were trying to start the journey together, however, I will feel bad for leaving her behind.
  5. by   Rn2bmomta
    hey annie!!
    shes taking 8 classes next semester to bring her gpa to a 2.7 (she has to make all A's) . I calculated it for her earlier. the minimum gpa is a 2.7. she did call the school and was told that people do get in with a 2.7 average since not that many people apply. I guess what I needed to ask was if she doesn't meet gpa requirements at the time of the application but can meet it once the semester is over, can she still submit the application?
  6. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    As far as getting in with a low gpa and waiting past the deadline it is unlikely; however asking a bunch of strangers on the internet if she can get in isn't going to answer your question since we don't work at the school. She needs to call and adviser at the school, or admissions on Monday and talk to them. The school is the only one who will know this, not us.

  7. by   NurseCard
    If she hasn't earned a 2.7 by the time the deadline to submit the
    application rolls around, then she's very likely not going to get
    accepted. Yes she may have a 2.7 by December, but the application
    is due in October. Soooo... she's better off waiting until the
    following October if she can. That will give her TWO semesters
    to get her grades up!
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  9. by   RainbowSprinkles
    don't meet the basic requirement, they will just throw the application. Don't waste money and time, just wait.
  10. by   mleonard2
    Great that you want a partner with your sister and be together in school. Schools look at the current GPA as they review official transcripts and cannot predict later grades or GPA. Acceptance is made by the current documents in the admission documents submitted to the school. Working to meet the required GPA or above GPA is commendable! Your sister should talk to the advisor/admissions person. The admissions person is the best information source of information as they can tell you more details if anyone is accepted on probationary terms or how many times have they accepted folks not meeting the minimum requirement or meeting the minimal requirements. Nursing schools are competitive. Your sister should call herself to gain the information directly to help her understand the process of admissions. Each of you may benefit from having different educational journeys. Good luck to both of you in your education and future careers!
  11. by   Neo Soldier
    Does she have a 2.3 in the prereqs or are you looking at her entire gpa? I would say she should apply there and other places, she might get really lucky. The chances don't look too good because nursing is really competitive. There are some people applying with a 4.0.
    She definitely has to get that gpa way up to a tleast a 3.0 if possible. Another thing, she should apply to lpn/lvn programs too to increase her chances of getting into a nursing program.
    Find out if your school, or schools around you have other requirements besides gpa to get in. For example, do they look at certifications: emt, cna, associates degree. In my school, there's a point system so if your gpa is not as competitive, you could use that as leverage.