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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   Batman24
    I take mine next week and I swear I can't remember a thing. I am having terrible brain block. I know I know some of it, but feel that I have crammed too much in at once. I took today totally off. I am actually thinking of this test when I sleep. Anyone else do that?! Go over answers in their head while they are actually sleeping or trying to?! I am nuts!! lol

    Does anyone remember the Newton weight question?! I want to look it up!! Thanks!! I need every point I can get. hehe
  2. by   shippoRN
    I know how you feel, went through the same thing. I litterally dreamt about taking the test ( and failing it no doubt) anyway, i think you should take sunday off too. Don't think about it, watch tv, veg out, do something else.

    You will do fine. Crossing fingers and toes for you

    P.S. You are not nuts!
  3. by   Lindie
    I took the NLN on 2/17 and anxious to find out how I made out. I think I did OK on the verbal and science but the Math, probably not so well.
  4. by   GloriveeM
    I got my mine but got confused with the scoring and told my family memeber I passed when I really did not I feel like such a failure a whole year studying and now I have to wait 6 months more
  5. by   gigi15
    Oh my! so sorry GloriveeM, i thought as long as u have a 55% u passed, is this not the case? i took mine last friday and am so scared, i felt i got the harder version of the test, the math or the science did not mimic the study guide at all.

    To Lindie, i feel the same way, abou the math section, did not finish and had to guess the last 10, did finish the verbal and science, but will have to wait to see where i stand, thank God for this board where there is so mych love and support because the non-nursing family and friends do not understand the struggle.
    Does anyone know the average length wait for the results? pl advise

  6. by   Batman24
    Don't feel bad for failing. You now know what the test is like and will be able to learn what you had trouble with for the second time around. I have heard that a lot of people do fail it. Do something nice for yourself and study a little every day. You can do it sweetie!!

    I am going to take today off from studying. I am going to just review my practice tests tonight while watching the Oscars. That will keep it low key and fun which I need right now. 5 days and counting. lol

    Glad to know I am not nuts!! Not so sure about that, but you are all sooo sweet!!
  7. by   GloriveeM
    Thanks Gigi15 and batman24 I thought I really passed but Now I know what toexpect you actually need a 45 in each section where the DI is ,but My math was the weakest of all and thats where I messed up
    Thank you so much for your kind words and I wish you guys All the best on yours :icon_hug:Good Luck
  8. by   JDLAStew
    The newton question was how much does a typical child weigh in newtons? SOmething like that.
  9. by   Batman24
    Thanks JD. I have no idea how we are supposed to know what a typical child weighs. Yikes.
  10. by   GottaGetIn
    If I remember correctly, they gave a specific weight.....which I don't remember what it was exactly, but it was something like how much does a 50lb child weigh in newtons.
    something like that.
  11. by   Batman24
    I think in that case it would be about 221 Newtons. You need to convert the weight to kilograms and then the kilograms to Newtons. Not sure if this is right or not. I am going to try and look it up. lol
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  12. by   GottaGetIn
    How do you convert from kilos to newtons?

    obviously, i guessed on this one.
  13. by   Batman24
    I believe you have to convert 50 pounds to Kilograms. That brings it to 22.6. Then you multiply that by 9.8 which is the acceleration due to gravity if they are asking Kilograms to Newtons.

    There are a couple of different formulas depending on what they are asking for. I believe if they want weight on the moon you would multiply the 22.6 X 1.6.

    I am not sure if this is right or not. I am trying to look it up and piece it together based on what I am reading. Guessing might be the right option here. lol