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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   deannicholas
    Quote from Ap3x6
    Thanks, I was looking for that information. I guess I totally overlooked it on my scoresheet because I was so in shock.
    NP Congrats BTW
  2. by   deannicholas
    Does anyone know of any programs that give preference to high PAX and GPA? Preferably in or near Ohio. My program has a rolling admission system so no matter what your scores or grades, there is at least 1 year and sometimes 2 years of waiting to get in. I already have all my pre- and co- requisites done. Thanks.

  3. by   MySweetRyleigh
    You're right! I try to take gossip as a grain of salt!! The only question I have is: On the 3 x 3 rows/columns DI, AD, ALL my percentiles are mixed, the highest being 98. But at the top right of the paper ( not in the 3x3 rows) My percentiles are all 99 for DI,AD, ALL. Which is really all that matters to me anyways since that's what my school looks at anyway!! Also, I don't know any schools in Ohio, but my community college here in central KY only looks at PAX and GPA. No waiting list!!
  4. by   deannicholas
    Yeah, at the top right of your paper is how your composite score of 149 compared with all the other ppl's composite scores. So you are in the top 1% as far as total (composite) score. Now that doesnt mean that you had all top 1% in all of the breakdowns. I also got all 99's for my composite percentile scores, but actually only got a 96 in the math breakdown. So 4% more ppl did better than me in just math, but my composite score overall ranked me in the top 1%
  5. by   deannicholas
    Oh, by the way, what CC is that in KY?
  6. by   MySweetRyleigh
    Thanks Dean! You've been very helpful. As long as I can get in nursing school, I'll be happy!! Have you had any luck finding any other nursing programs in your area? I formally apply June 5.
  7. by   MySweetRyleigh
    Sorry, forgot to add... Elizabethtown Comm. and Tech. It's part of KCTCS (KY Comm. and. Tech. Coll. Sys). A few years ago, we were just ECC, part of the Univ. of KY. Then the state combined comm. coll. and vocational schools together. It's actually worked out better than I thought it would.
  8. by   stufnsuch
    Quote from Talulah117
    Yep! im in northern NH right now....hoping to get into a school down in Manchester. What school are you applying to? Maybe we'll be in the same program
    Hi, I'm in Central NH and was wondering if you were able to get for fall 2007. I just took the NLN and was told that the people accepted for this fall were all in the 90 percentile...I then called concord and they took people that were high 70's to 90's...a lot more than the 50 they tell you you need to I'll be taking it again in November and studying this time. Anyway, just started out on here today and saw you were from NH.
  9. by   Talulah117
    Yep I got into Manchester tech for this fall. I had a pretty decent NLN score, and i know that there was a lot of competition this year for a spot. Good luck retaking it! :spin:
  10. by   mtruland
    I took my test on 4/14/07 at NHTI in Concord, NH.

    Percentiles are as follows:
    Verbal: 85
    Math: 90
    Science: 97

    Not too bad for finding out I'm taking the test on a Thursday, and actually taking the test on Saturday.
  11. by   NewMom2007
    Hi, I'm new here and just wondering if any of you have any advice for taking the pre-entrance exam? I take mine next week and just got the phone call Thursday.
    Congrats to all who are passing and getting into your school's nursing programs!!
  12. by   nathuladula
    hey i wonder if a score of composite 105 is okay?

    Quote from nurse2btracy
    I have not received my scores yet either. I did get a surprise yesterday though. On Friday night we heard a loud noise coming from in front of the house. It sounded like something was scraping on the ground. I go out check the cars and nothing.

    On Saturday night I get home and go to put something on top of my car and realize that I have a huge dent in the roof. Now I know what the huge noise was. I come to find out that my BIL who was also parked in the street has the same dent in his roof. I am so pissed right now. My deductible is 1000.00 but I want to get my car fixed since I paid so much for it and I do not want it looking like crap.

    As an added gift the moron left 2 footprints on my roof (he wears K Swiss sneakers). My BIL thinks that they were skateboarding on the roofs hence the sound of scraping. I guess that I got the footprints because they realized that my antenna was in the way.

    I have to call the police this morning to get a report made out for my insurance company. I got hit in 2005 at my job (I did not realize it until later that night) and that cost me another 1000.00. I was going to lower my deductible but never got around to doing it.

    Oh well - this sucks.
  13. by   nathuladula
    help me what will i do if the school will not accept my grade what school will i go to or will i change careers? reply to me my email is