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I took my test on 1/27....I read on here some people are getting their results back in 12 days...well that's today. Does anyone who took their test that day have theirs back? How about those of you... Read More

  1. by   Blove86
    Thanks alot, I am trying to enter with as much knowledge as possible!
  2. by   NY-RN_Kay
    Hi everyone!!!
    I'm a newbie. I take my pre-entrance exam 4/19..this coming Thursday. And to be honest.... I am sooo not prepared . Reading this thread has me in panic I will try my best, but I do feel that I will have to take the exam again next semester. Yup..i'm that unprepared. I jumped on the list for the exam last minute. If I don't get a high score, I'll continue to finish up my other required courses & get them out the way. So when it's time for me to do clinical and my nursing courses, I won't have to worry about any more Bio courses, math courses, psychology courses or english. I'm sooo stressed with all of my other classes, it's hard to get in the groove of preparing for this exam.

    Question. How much time did you take to study before taking the exam?
  3. by   suesue70
    Hi. I am taking mine in late July. I hope yours goes well. Even though mine is down the road a bit, I feel like I will never be prepared anyway. Keep us posted. GOOD LUCK!!!! suesue70
  4. by   deannicholas
    I got 57/60 35/40 55/60

    composite 159

    99th percentile

    but, my school has a rolling admission, so I have to wait my turn to get in :/
  5. by   suesue70

    That is soooo fantastic. Congrats!!!!!
  6. by   TnKzMom
    Congrats Dean..wish I would've done that great! I got to figure out the trick! =0(
  7. by   naomi712
    Hmmm... so the NLN is the exam that most of you take to get into the nursing program? In my school, we take the HESI exam to get into the program. Well anyway, good luck to all of you who are awaiting your scores
  8. by   nessa1980
    Wow Dean - 159??? Thats insane! You should be extremely proud!

  9. by   Ap3x6
    Does anyone know if the percentiles are based on that specific test taken or overall tests taken? I recently got my NLN Test results back and I dont know how but I got a 138, 97th percentile. After reading all the high scores on here I cant fathom how that is in the 97th percentile. Dont get me wrong, I'm happy, scratch that, frigging estatic that I scored so high, but I'm not too sure how the percentiles work.
  10. by   deannicholas
    this is from the nln website:

    percentile score

    each percentile score indicates the percent of the norms group who received raw scores lower than the raw score under consideration. for example, a student might have a total raw score of 97, with an equivalent percentile of 73. this would mean that 73% of the students in the norms group received raw scores that were less than 97 on that test.

    and the norm period:

    norms period, which specifies the time during which those included in the norms groups were tested.

    on my report it says norm was 25,034 from 01-02
  11. by   Ap3x6
    Thanks, I was looking for that information. I guess I totally overlooked it on my scoresheet because I was so in shock.
  12. by   MySweetRyleigh
    Hello all! I'm a newbie here. I also just got my NLN results back. 149, 99th perc. Yippee!!! One thing that is very confusing on the results are the 3 columns of percentiles (DI, AD, ALL). I think those are compared with the national norms, but the composite percentile at the top is how you compared with the other students who took the test @the same place and time as you. Only those test takers who were in the room with you. I could be wrong about this, but that's what everyone on campus has told me.
  13. by   deannicholas
    Yeah, thats why you shouldn't listen to gossip If you look at the NLN website or read the info at the bottom of your reporting sheet, you will see that DI shows you how you ranked as far as ppl applying to a diploma program, AD= associates degree program and all is everyone combined. So that explains the 3 columns, now the columns are broken into rows. Your composite score of 149 ranked you in the top 1% for all people that took the test in the norm period. Then they break down the different sections below that too. Hope that made sense