NET stomach is in knots

  1. I'm taking the NET on the 27th and so nervous. I am a HORRIBLE test taker, especially these types of test. Need alot of prayers sent to Mansfield. I need them. Any advice from those that have taken it?
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  3. by   HikingNinja
    Good luck! I just took my TEAS. It's so much better now that it's over.

  4. by   Butterfly3001
    Brush up on reading skills, I took the test on March 27 and I didnt do well on the reading portion(got a 54%). If you do a search on here theres lots of post on different websites to visit that have really good info on them. Theres even a site that helps with speed reading. The math portion of the test consisted of percentages, fractions, long division and things like that. I believe someone said its 10th grade level so if you havent been in school awhile you may want to brush up on that too. Good luck to
  5. by   Blove86
    Ok question what is the NET and TEAS test?
  6. by   tbrown1

    These tests are used for nursing admission
  7. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi Mansfield from a fellow Texan!!

    Here is a website to go visit that is a HUGE help!

    I took the NET last August and again in January (my school changed the version so everyone had to retake) and I wish I had known about this site beforehand. I got the book from ERI world, but it doesn't help nearly as much as this website does. This is pretty much just like the test is, although it will be a different format. The questions arejust about the same. I was worried about math because I have beenout ofschool 18 years, but the math was a poece of cake. It was the reading that was the most difficult, and reading/languagearts is my best subject. I triedlooking for various websites for practice, but there just wasn't alot that focused just on the NET. This website is great!

    Good luck on it and don't worry too much. That will be your biggest problem- worrying. It is just a test. Just go in there positive that you will do great.
  8. by   MansTX
    Thanks so much Laura! I'm worried about the readin comprehensive section cause I also suck on those parts....I'll be lookign over the site from now until the 27th...hopefully my nerves will calm by then.
  9. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    You are so welcome. We are all in this together, so if I can help just one person, it is worth it!! :wink2: Just let us know how you did, and you will be in my prayers!
  10. by   cesRN
    That is a great website Laura! Thanks for posting it up. Kudos!
  11. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    You are welcome serio. Like I said above, I wish I had known about it before I took my test. I passed with good scores, but I might have totally aced it practicing on the website first!!! I found it on allnurses, as someone else had posted it, and I have just helped to keep it going. There are so many replies telling about how the NET is so hard, but it is just basic math and reading. The difference is, it is all timed. The reading is a little harder than we had in HS, but this is college, so that is to be expected. But, it is still reading comprehension.

    Good luck to all who still have to take it. Take a deep breathe, relax and read quickly but thoroughly. Remember, this is all easy stuff; we still have nursing school to deal with!!! :spin: