Mira Costa Palomar spring 2018 ADN program

  1. Hey there! I am creating this thread for all applicants to Mira Costa and Palomar for the Spring 2018 semester. Hopefully we can cheer each other on and take some of the waiting anxiety away together. My scores were somewhere between 78-84 points with a teas score of 78.6%. As you can see, VERY average. Can anyone enlighten me on the difference between Palomar, Mira Costa, and Grossmont? Grossmont does currently have its own page, but the more informative sources the better! Thanks and good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   Yummywhoppers
    Hiya, I'm not sure yet of my points. Can anyone shed some light on how they award points for foreign language? I am bilingual in Spanish, do I get the full 3 pts or just 1?
  4. by   gabbysilt09
    Do you have a proof of proficiency? If you do you'll get all 3 points. I know they gave me a point for each semester of foreign language that I took!
  5. by   Yummywhoppers
    I'm not sure how to prove it, maybe write a letter in that language? Lol
    But nice! 3 pts extra is always nice!
  6. by   Larocquh
    Good luck to you guys! I was accepted at both MiraCosta and Palomar for Fall 2017 and decided to go to MiraCosta! We start on August 21st . I went to both orientations and can tell you that both are really strong programs. In first semester, Palomar's schedule has you on campus 5 days a week (one day is open lab that they expect you to go to) for the first 8 weeks, and then you go down to 2 days I believe plus one day of clinical. MiraCosta is 4 days for the first 8 weeks and then 1-2 days plus one day of clinical. Honestly you will be happy with either program. I have heard that Palomar is pretty strict and I did get that impression during orientation. MiraCosta seemed to have a little more of a laid back vibe from the staff, but still just as intense of a program. I took my pre-reqs at MiraCosta and really love the school, so I just felt more comfortable going with MiraCosta . Points wise I had 88pts at MiraCosta (and I was originally an alternate), and I had 84 points at Palomar and was accepted on the first round of notifications.

    I don't know much about Grossmont, but have also heard it is a strong program, and they have a new SIM lab. Generally I think it is a little easier to get into Grossmont than Palomar or MiraCosta as they accept more students per cohort.

    Also for any of your app questions at MiraCosta you should email their secretary, her info is on the nursing page. She answers quickly and is very helpful!
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  7. by   gabbysilt09
    I honestly recommend just asking the secretary that you're turning it in to. You could probably call instead of driving all of the there to ask!

    Larocque- Thanks for all of the info! I live down in PB so I'm weighing all of the options but I honestly doubt that my 82 will get me in MC so more likely its between Palomar and Grossmont where they didn't calculate my points with me but I should be around the same. Do you know how many students Grossmont accepts? I know that Palomar typically accepts around 40.
  8. by   Kristin0913
    Thank you for starting this thread! I am applying to both MCC and Palomar for Spring 2018. I will have about 82-83 points. From information on previous threads, I doubt I'll get into MCC but the secretary at Palomar said "usually" if you are in the high 70s you are safe. But it's different every application period. We will see. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   gabbysilt09
    I would be happy knowing if I was "safe" haha did she tell you when they would be sending out letters? The next monthish is going to suck
  10. by   Kristin0913
    I believe it's suppose to be the end of October, but I would prepare for them to be late. And try to not stress too much about it! You've already done all you can do for this round of applications. Worrying won't change the outcome lol and I think you have a really strong chance at Palomar/Grossmont!
  11. by   Blopple
    I've heard that spring is slightly easier to get into than fall because there are generally more applications for the traditional fall start. Fingers crossed for that!

    Also I was bummed to find out they won't give points until a degree is 'in hand' even if it will be finished before the program start! Oh well!
  12. by   gabbysilt09
    You mean that you're finishing it up in this fall semester, correct? I turned in my transcripts that say associates so hopefully that's adequate because I really NEED those points lol
  13. by   Blopple
    Yea, I went in and asked specifically because I was going to turn in a copy of my petition, but they said no way Jose.

    And yea I mean mine will be done once I finish fall classes.

    I need them too, but worst case I just reapply for fall and I'll get the points then, but I don't WANT to
  14. by   gabbysilt09
    Yeah this process sucks haha I wish they could just tell us if we're in when we hand them our applications. Waiting is not so fun. How many points are you at without it, if you don't mind me asking?