1. Hey are there any BSN students here deciding to shoot for a minor as well? If so, what are you going to minor in?
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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    While in school I minored in Psychology. We had to take 3 of the 6 classes anyway for nursing, so I picked up the extra 3 classes as my electives.

    I loved it, I found it very helpful and learned a lot. Plus, I feel like I can apply a lot of it to nursing, as well as to the care of my patients.

    (Not to mention I think I can diagnose many patients with psych problems !!)

    What are you thinking about minoring in?
  4. by   casi
    I'm not a BSN student, yet. But if I do get into the program, I would like to try and minor in women's studies. I am almost done with my certificate at the community college level, and i know it's only a couple more classes to minor.

    I'm just thinking that it might be a bit much with the crazy nursing school schedule.
  5. by   VeryPlainJane
    Mine is pre law. Once I get my BSN I am going to apply for law school.
  6. by   LEAFjr
    I'm considering Gerontology...but I know it's hard to do a minor when you're in Nursing school working your butt off just to pass that major alone.
  7. by   szeles23
    I was thinking about getting a certificate in forensic anthropology while completing my BSN, I'm not sure about that though. I think I may have enough for a minor in something... anything. Hopefully I can find something.