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My class starts on June 1st. Its a 10 week long semester and I'm taking it along with A&P II and General Psych. Thought I would start this thread since I know a few others have to be taking it this... Read More

  1. by   glamorousgirl07
    I start June 22 @ 8 am
  2. by   Piglet68
    I am taking my class at Montgomery County Community College. So far so good. I have had three test and I have a low A high B in the class and I am now past mid-point.

    The labs are excellent. We are actually doing things and looking at stuff under the microscope. I am definitely a handwasher but I have not been to concerned about getting anything as we work in an aseptic atmospher. Three weeks left then A&P II and then I am done with my pre-reqs!
  3. by   NESHIA
    I have to take Microbiology too. I am taking it in Fall I b/c it wasn't offered this term in the Summer. I have to take it online b/c I am stationed overseas and it's not offered face-to-face. I will take my class through UMUC. How is the Microbiology class going? I am nervous about taking this class online, but I have to do what I have to do. I have Microbiology, Chemistry & A&P II left and then I am done with the Science portion. I have remaining:

    A&P II
    College Algebra

    - I'm will Clep Sociology :wink2:
    - Microbiology(online) & Speech (face-to-face) Term I
    - College Algebra Term II (online)
    - A&P II Term III
    - Chemistry Term IIII

    Then I'm done with Pre-Reqs...
  4. by   Piglet68
    Neshia, I think you will like the class and do fine online. I am surprised they are accepting the online class as we have do a lab in which we prepare smears and work with nutrient plates. How are you going to grow things without a lab? Just wondering. Are you in the military?
  5. by   NESHIA
    Piglet68 - The schools said is should be fine, but that is what I was worried about myself. The lab is also done online. You have to do your experiments at home and report the results. If done properly the results will be right. It gives you 4 credits and the Course Description says its for Science students. I am not in the military anymore. My husband is still active duty tho. I've asked UMUC to get a face to face Micro over here, but we're overseas so we're limited...
  6. by   julwh
    That's great that you can do micro online! The schools I am applying at will not accept the 'virtual lab' on any classes.

    Good luck!
  7. by   mom35
    Just wanted to chime in about my Summer Micro. Started two weeks ago, it is a six week class. My professor is difficult. He even told us that he will be harder than our other professors because he wants us to think. Yes, it is good to think, but it is going by very fast. That is good in a way, but we have to read the text, read the online power points, take notes in class, and he suggested that we tape the lectures. I just had my first test today. I make a's in my classes and I just don't know about this one. But I start NS in Aug and this is my last support course so I wanted to get it done and over with. Good Luck to everyone. I have three more lecture tests, two lab practicals, two unknowns in lab to get through yet
  8. by   nneokill175
    hey, anyone got any help sites that will help me prepare for microbio in 2 weeks..?
  9. by   NESHIA
    Julwh-I emailed my two schools of choice and asked about the Science classes online again. I heard a reply back from 1 already. She said she will check to make sure b/c they told her that her's wouldn't be accepted but it was. I want to know before I get in these classes online and they won't be accepted. If I have to go back to the States for a few months to take my classes, I will. I will just stay with my Sis for the time being.
  10. by   NESHIA
    Quote from nneokill175
    hey, anyone got any help sites that will help me prepare for microbio in 2 weeks..?
    Try these two sites:


  11. by   SierraMoon
    This class is actually kind of fun. I love checking my cultures for growth and pouring TSA plates seems like such a sciencey thing to do.

    First test is tomorrow, I might not be in such a good mood after that.
  12. by   julwh
    Neshia - good thinking to ask your schools again. It never hurts to be absolutely sure so that you don't waste time and money!
  13. by   nneokill175