Mailed My Nursing School Application On Friday...

  1. I took my HESI A2 exam on Friday and scored an overall 89.67% (Reading and Comp., Math, A&P, Biology, Grammer, and Vocab. was on my HESI). The community college that I attend gives extra "points" if you score at least a 80% or higher on A&P (I scored a 84%), a 80% or higher overall, and 80% or higher on both.

    I currently have a 4.0 GPA and my school gives extra points if a student completes all of their co-req. courses before applying to the nursing program (which is for an associates degree). I have completed all of the required co-req. and pre-req. courses.

    I mailed my application on Friday, so the waiting game is on! There is only one school in my area that offers an associates degree in nursing (the other one is 2 hours away), so I don't have any other schools that I can apply to. Do you think I have a good chance at getting accepted? The deadline for the application is June 10 for the Fall 2013 semester and it can take up to 6 weeks after to find out who made the cut. This school is very competitive, so I hope my HESI score was high enough.

    Who else is playing the waiting game right now?
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  3. by   MommaTy
    Good luck I applied October 2012 and didn't find out until April 6th that I was accepted for the fall ADN program. I start September 3rd. I have a mandatory nursing orientation on May 29th from 9a-3p. So excited But the application deadline was February 1st 2013. Waiting game sucks, you start stalking the mail lol.
  4. by   SopranoKris
    Best of luck to you!!! How long do you have to wait before you get your letter?
  5. by   kelzfuturenurse
    I'm currently waiting too but I take my TEAS on the 28th of this month. Once I pass the exam, then I get an interview scheduled. We are suppose get the news of acceptance/rejection late June or early July. Good luck to you!
  6. by   acunnin4
    Thanks everyone! SopranoKris, I figured that I will know if I get in sometime before mid July. The application deadline is June 10 and the school said that it can take up to 6 weeks after the deadline (may be sooner....**fingers crossed**).
  7. by   Cortney2013
    I took the PAX RN on may 13th and I am now waiting also. Letters for my school go out on June 15th so only about 28 or so more days before I should have it at my house in my possession!!! Good Luck to everyone else that's waiting!!
  8. by   nurse671
    Good luck!!
  9. by   acunnin4
    Good luck Cortney2013! Thanks nurse671
  10. by   stewartfamily2010
    I'm waiting. Turned my application in last week. Deadline is the end of May and we don't find out who made the cut until late July but they said more than likely it will be August! Congratulations and good luck!
  11. by   acunnin4
    Stewartfamily2010, I hope we don't have to wait until August to find out...the wait would kill me! Good luck, I hope you make the cut.
  12. by   acunnin4
    Ahhhh, The wait is already killing me and it has only been a week since I mailed out my nursing application!
  13. by   MommaTy
    I TOLD YOU, it stinks waiting lol. Hang in there
  14. by   Nurse2b2318
    I applied the end of January and did not receive my letter until April 19th! There were other students in my school that started receiving acceptance letters in February. I had convinced myself that they send out all of the acceptance letters first, then send out the rejections, which was not the case. You have a really awesome GPA and grades. Try not to over think it, I'm sure you will be accepted. Good Luck!!!