1. So I'll graduate with my NCMA this summer (been a cna for 3 years) and wondering if I should pursue LPN, my only thing is I don't feel like there are many job opening for LPN's, mainly because where I live in a lot of clinics MA's are being hired and in some i've noticed that the nurses are making as little as the MA's. I just want to know if it's really worth going for or if it really is true that they are phasing out LPN and going for MA. I can't really afford to go for ADN and most certainly not BSN not now at least.
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  3. by   Glitternurse
    When I graduated as an LVN (in California) 25 years ago we were told LVNs were being phased out. As you can clearly see that has not happened. There is always a swing. LVNs/LPNs are used less in the acute care setting, then they start being used more again because they are more cost efficient or hospitals start moving away from primary nursing to team nursing. When I started LVNs and team nursing were on the upswing, now it's back on the downswing where they are being used less and primary nursing is the norm. LTC will probably always need LVNs/LPNs, many clinic hire an LVN/LPN for the office because they have a broader scope than MAs and are more autonomous than an MA. I have worked in acute care, outpatient clinics, private duty and I now work as a school nurse. When I was in the clinic I went from the only LVN with 3 MAs for 4 pediatricians to being all LVNs and MAs were in other clinic where there were less procedures and injections. Nothing stays the same.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    The huge advantage of becoming an LVN is that you can build on it when and if you choose to. I'm under the impression that MA is more terminal.
  5. by   inthecosmos
    LPN provides growth and opportunities. MA is it.
  6. by   OrganizedChaos
    Medical Assistants can only work in doctors offices & once you're an MA, that's is, you cannot build off of that education. As an MA you can only do very basic tasks & MAs are not licensed.

    LVNs can work anywhere they are hired such as hospitals, dialysis clinics, correctional facilities, & nursing homes. You can build upon your LVN education and get your doctorates in nursing! As an LVN you are a nurse and can do anything as long as it is in your scope of practice. LVNs are licensed & have to keep up with CEUs and renew their license every 2 years or however often their state says.
  7. by   cinnabon08
    It really depends on what you want to get out of the job and where you work. I was a certified MA and started LPN school but had to quit due to a deployment overseas. I had a job in a large MD office and had a prn job in the ER as a tech. Also what your state allows MA's to do. I made the same as a LPN in the state while working as a MA. Me and the LPNs in our office did the same thing. The only difference was they were allowed to give patients medical advice.
  8. by   BelIsa
    Hello there. I am a Certified Medical Assistant and have been since around 2006. I say go for LVN/LPN! Even if where you currently live there isnt a high demand, if you ever move out of the state it might be different. Here in CA there is a high demand for LVNs and RNs. I am currently waiting to start my LVN/LPN program and I know that it will be easier to obtain my RN license by being and LVN first. Medical Assistant is ok if you want to be confined to Dr's offices and what not and here in CA we can earn as much as $28/hr but if you want to be able to work clinics/hospitals/convalescent homes the LVN is the way.