last micro assignment, DONE!

  1. Tomorrow is the last day of my micro class. It has been intense, to say the least! I can't express the sense of relief I'm going to feel after tomorrow. Also the last day of life-span dev class, and one more week until I'm done with A&P II and that's it for prereqs! Phew! This is the most intense semester I've ever had and I'm SOOOOOO glad it's just about over.
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  3. by   malenurse69
    How'd you do?
  4. by   LifeIsGood76
    Wow, sounds like me! My last class is next week! I am also doing Micro, Physio, Developmental Psych, and 2 online classes, but I will officially be done with my pre-reqs next week! Yay!!! Micro has been a nightmare!!
  5. by   WNTfanM9
    Is it super weird that I LOVED micro? Would totally do it again just for fun
  6. by   NurseGirl525
    I loved micro also. I am kind of sad to see it end. I have class on Monday and Tuesday then I am done. Today was my last A&P II lab. Next week is lecture final. Not so sad to see that end. This has been a hell of a semester. I can't believe I made it!!
  7. by   Enzyme
    Me too :-). Just finished my lab unknown report, 15 pages. One more final next week and that's it for my last prereq, woo-hoo.
  8. by   cjcaet
    Woohoo! I'm almost done too! I thought man I love this class, it was too easy. I'm sure I won't be saying that when I'm taking epidemiology in the summer!
  9. by   RHill9919
    Micro really is a nightmare. I dreaded it and am so glad it's done!
  10. by   RHill9919
    Quote from WNTfanM9
    Is it super weird that I LOVED micro? Would totally do it again just for fun
    LOL NO THANK YOU. hahaha Good for you that you enjoyed it. I found it very dry.
  11. by   wayward_pitbulls
    I *wanted* to love Micro, but the instructer is such a slooowwww talker, and lecture was right after work, and the text was super dumbed-down, and, and, and.... Long story short, i doodled microbes and ate popcorn all semester just to keep myself awake. Can't wait to take that final and be DONE.
  12. by   erifica
    A 15 pages report for your unknown? Yikes. I loved micro; took it this summer between my 2nd and 3rd semester in nursing school. It was 7 weeks. We had an unknown in lab but my report was 5-6 pages, if that.
  13. by   NurseGirl525
    We had 2 unknowns to do but it wasn't anything that intensive. We ran the labs and decided whether they were positive or negative and used a dichotomy key. It was very straight forward and simple. It didn't take me that long at all.
  14. by   vhiran
    Cheers, I am sitting around worried about my A&P I lab final, would really stink having to retake that course if my grade isn't up to snuff. Meanwhile sitting on straight A's in everything else, including Microbiology... I will still be taking A&P II next semester but I loathe retaking classes, plus it just looks bad.

    Grades for A&P Lab I won't be up till monday. wish me luck.