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Hello my fellow nursing students??? I was wondering what would be better for nursing school?? Labtop or ipad???... Read More

  1. by   goingtothedogs
    Quote from nursingismycalling25

    Do you have a special app to do that?
    Yes-- between Evernote, skitch, and penultimate (all provided by Evernote) I'm set.

    I use skitch to take photos in lab of models, and also to take pictures of useful diagrams and charts from my text. I can even annotate those pictures!! I save them and then insert them in my notes where I need them.

    I use penultimate for drawing diagrams and sometimes for note taking-basically as a substitute for pen and paper.

    And then the straight up Evernote. Can't rave enough about it. While taking notes, I simply hit the record button, and make sure to stop it at the end of lecture. The file is then automatically attached to my notes for that lecture. You can share your notebooks or even email individual notes to classmates who might have missed a lecture for some reason, if you're nice.

    I also use it to organize my personal stuff. It has really made me so much more organized!!
  2. by   LoveNeverDies
    I haven't read through all of the comments so I don't know if its been suggested yet. But for the people stating they do not like the touch screen for note taking, Apple does make an awesome wireless keyboard to go with it. Even cases that hold them together and set up like a mini laptop.
  3. by   nurseprince2b
    A close friend of mine just finished the program and she said she used the iPad and a MacBook. She said they were both helpful. I already have a 64 gig iPad but I am planning on getting a MacBook as well.
  4. by   nurseprince2b
    @ loveneverdies I love my wireless apple keyboard and taking notes with it an my iPad.
  5. by   nay2vp
    Get a laptop. You can't write care plans on an ipad. At least, I haven't been able to.
  6. by   cnoto34
    Quote from nay2vp
    Get a laptop. You can't write care plans on an ipad. At least, I haven't been able to.
    Thanks for the tip