Just wanted to introduce myself :-)

  1. Good Morning :-)

    I am completely new here- I registered for CNA class yesterday, the class is in march. I am taking it because it is a prereq for nursing school.

    I am a little worried, though..... i am 26 and I have two little children..... do i even have a chance of making it through nursing school? How old were you, when you decided to go into nursing?

    I do know what to expect job-wise (the cna part)- I worked at a nursing home for two years as an aid, i know how hard the work is. That was a few years ago.... then my kids were born and I was "just" a stay at home mom for a while, until I realized that I wanted more.... after weeks and weeks of soul searching, making up my mind, changing it again, getting frustrated and wanting to give up on the whole college idea, i finally realized what I want to be- a nurse :-) But I know it will be a bumpy road to say the least. My kids are 3 and 1, and even finding the time for the prereq classes is a challenge already.... and my math skills are more than rusty, i dont think i'll pass the placement test....

    Plus, it seems to be really hard to get into nursing school.... is it like that everywhere? Here, if i apply next year, the very soonest i will be able to start the nursing program is Spring semester of 2009.... i'll be at least 30 by the time i graduate and sometimes i wonder if i will have the determination to see it all through.... anyway.... step by step, i guess..... first i need to take the cna and then take it from there...

    anyway.... just wanted to introduce myself :-)
    Have a great day!
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  3. by   Jules A
    Hi and welcome!
    It sounds like you will be easing into it gradually and that should help you get organized with you family obligations etc. Have you spoken with an advisor at school to get a solid idea of how long this will take and to make sure you are getting everything pre-req wise that you need? There were quite a few people in my class with kids that did great. Best to you, Jules
  4. by   Drysolong
    Much Success to you! I was 54 when I started LPN school and had never worked in the medical field, other than as a secretary in a hospital years ago. I took CNA course and worked as a CNA for five months. I've been working as an LPN for approximately 8 months and going through Excelsior for RN. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
  5. by   lisabeth
    This is a great place to be.
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  7. by   DesertRain
    Hi and Welcome! I never did anything medical prior to my start either! FYI I started my path at 26 my kids were 5 & 1 at the time. I am also taking CNA classes right now as I am just waiting to get into the Fall program for RN and have finished my pre-req's. I will also be over 30 when I graduate (granted I get in for Fall) and guess what? At 28, I still tend to be one of the "younger" students in my classes. I'm halfway there and it wasn't hard but sure did go by fast as I am sure it will for you too! Good Luck and I hope you stay!
  8. by   Jilaweez
    Welcome! You absolutely can make it through nursing school...why not? I am 32 and have 4 children..12,8,3,&2. I will be 34 when I graduate from NS, and I am by no means the oldest or the only one with children in my classes. I wouldn't worry about the placement test..it is designed to put you in a class at your current ability and you can work your way up to the college level math if you need to. I too wondered if I could actually make it through all the pre-reqs involved, especially when I realized it would take much longer than I originally thought, but I have found the closer I got to actually applying to the nursing program the more determined I became to see it through. I have so much more drive as the semesters pass. Just take it one step at a time and even if it takes you years to do the end result will be well worth it. Best of luck to you!