Just took TEAS exam

  1. Hi all,
    I am happy to say I just took my TEAS exam this last weekend and was accepted into the school I wanted to transfer to. I ranked in the top 15 percentile for the nation on the test. I am so happy it is done with. For any that want to know the kind of questions were as follows- a few algebraic questions, a few % ?'s, a few ratio and proportion ?s also in the math section there were a lot of word problems.
    In the science there was only 2 anatomy ?s', scientific method ?'s, a few periodic table and element ?'s from Chemistry.
    They really seemed to focus a lot on the English section which is knowing sentence structure, what kind of words there are, when and how to use commas, semicolon's, etc.
    I just studied off of the ati study book and did very well. The ?'s in the book and the comprehensive test in the book were harder than the test itself. If you just study the book you will be good for the test. But don't just put in a day or 2 of studying. I studied for a week and a half whenever I had free time. I hope this helps somebody out there.:spin:
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  3. by   Triple A's
    Thanks a bunch! I will be taking the exam in two weeks. Is this a timed test? how many questions were math related? math is my weakess subject.
  4. by   LMRN10
    Congrats to you!!!! That is great!
  5. by   intuition
    Triple A's-
    Yes it is a timed test. Each section is timed differently. The English portion seemed to have the longest amount of allowed time. If you don't finish the section it will just stop you and go on to the next section whether you are finished or not. I have found that most end up having 3 questions left in the math section but the computer stops them. There is a decent amount of Math. Math is my weakest area too. So I really studied that and the chemistry in the study guide. They also did have fraction ?'s in there too. Also know how to average out numbers. They had 1 conversion ? that wanted u to convert how many cups in 1 1/2 gallons so know your conversions.
  6. by   luvlilly
    Intuition, THANK you for posting this! Was there a lot on ionic/covalent bonds in the chemistry section? Did you need to know specific details about the period table and the elements?

    Also, I know the test itself last 3 to 4 hours.. did they let you get up and stretch or go to the restroom? I don't know if I can sit still for that long with out getting a drink of water or going to the bathroom!
  7. by   intuition
    They didn't ask about ionic/covalent bonds. The did ask which # represented the nuetrons when they used an element as an example. Also they asked about what the charges of an electron and all that are. They asked about hydrogen-carbon chains(which was not in the study book). So I had to guess at that. Also you are not allowed to get up and use the restroom, stretch, drink or eat. U have to stay in front of your computer the whole time. I hope this helps.
  8. by   Nervous Nursey2b
    does the ati study manual help prepare you for the math word problems on the teas test? i had someone tell me there were about 25 word problems on the test and i don't know how to prepare for those.
    thanks a bunch!:redpinkhe
  9. by   Hotflashn
    Quote from nervous nursey2b
    does the ati study manual help prepare you for the math word problems on the teas test?
    the version i took didn't have many word problems ... at least not complicated word problems with tons of extraneous information. it was more like what was in the guide. if 4 bottles of juice serve ten people, how many bottles are needed to serve 35 people. or gloria's test scores were 64, 80, 86, 72 and 88. what is the avg of her test scores. most of it was very basic - balance joe's checking acct, or figure out the tax on a purchase.

    you can always take the online practice exams (though they cost a lot for what they are - only 100 questions vs 170, and both tests are exactly the same) and get a feel for taking the test. time yourself so it is more like the real thing.

    i also recommend that you eat well before the test, bring a high protein brain-food snack, and for me, i took motrin before i took the test because sitting there looking at the tiny writing int he test book was hard on my eyes, and bending over my test in tense concentration gives me a head and neck ache.

    you are going to be well prepared!
  10. by   Nervous Nursey2b

    thanks hotflashn, i appreciate all your help. somehow though i'm still scared! i feel like i can't study enough or get enough advice! my husband keeps telling me i should be studying instead of asking for advice all the computer. i know he's right, but i'm crazy and totally flippin! i keep thinking about the day the letter comes.
    i think i'm going to let my 8 year- old son open it very
    s-l-o-w-l-y and then i'm going to run!
  11. by   MsLady06
    Im glad someone posted about that test. It was something new my school was incorporating. I was so glad I got through with the net test LMAO. Didnt know what to expect with this teas test.
  12. by   Nervous Nursey2b
    [font=book antiqua] fftopic: hi, i'm in the middle of studying for the teas. does anybody know if carbon has 3 or 4 bonds?
    [font=book antiqua]thanks
  13. by   Hotflashn
    4. That is what makes it so special and versatile. It can have 4 singles, a single and a triple, 2 doubels, a double and 2 singles.
  14. by   EGKB
    FYI for anyone who is worried about the chemistry section of the test: it is very general; I almost killed myself completing my chemistry pre-reqs but got 100% on that section on the TEAS...

    If you are worried about that section (and any other section, for that matter) get the review book from ATI testing. If you don't want to buy it, you might be able to find it at the library (I, for one, donated mine to my school's library after I took the test) and borrow it or make copies of the sections you need to brush up on.

    I can't remember what the questions were, but I do remember that ALL of the material was covered in the test prep book. It's not too scary, as long as you are prepared. This goes for all sections of the test!

    Also, for some FREE practice tests (not exactly like the TEAS, but the review will help you immensely nonetheless) and tutorials to help you with your weaker areas, go to this link:


    Good luck to all!!!