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I am a 39 yr old full time Mom with a B.S. in elementary ed. It has always been my dream to be an RN. I have no idea which direction to go though. I still cannot believe I am even considering going... Read More

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    I see Sunnyjohn's post about online BSN. Very interesting.
    Yep, that one might work for you. I talke to the dean a while back. She was very nice!

    Mauxtav8r, is right. It is a good idea to chek with your state BON (Board of Nursing) before enrolling in any program. Look at attrition and NCLEX pass rates!
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    Thanks, SunnyJ.. DH and I may be relocating, and I'm thinking through all available options for completing my BSN. Potential move would occur just prior to my last two semesters (basically I'd have med-surg II and leadership to complete the degree since I've finished all the other requirements).

    My dean here will accept a transfer back of a single semester's work, but not two semesters, so I'm facing a transfer/new admission to a different program. My head is spinning.
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    Quote from sunnyjohn
    Yep, that one might work for you. I talke to the dean a while back. She was very nice!

    Mauxtav8r, is right. It is a good idea to chek with your state BON (Board of Nursing) before enrolling in any program. Look at attrition and NCLEX pass rates!
    you are very resourceful, so I was wondering if u have any suggestions for locating ASN to MSN programs. I would prefer one that awards a BSN when u reach that level, but either way I am looking for ASN to MSN. Ive found that the few Ive located are as fast as ASN to BSN. There is one at UCF that is 2 years...but Im sure its highly competitive to get in and my gpa isnt so hot from my younger years. Im in FL, but Im open to possibly moving if the right opportnity were to arise. Im an LPN and will graduate with my ASN December 07. thanks in advance and good luck in your nursing program! Thats awesome you will be able to get an MSN so quickly!

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    I am currently in a diploma program and over half of our class (myself included) have other degrees either from universities or community colleges. The first thing you have to do is research! Look into all the different types of programs in your area. If you look for your state in the forums then you may stumble onto some school names in your area. Visit the schools and try to set up meetings beforehand to discuss the program with an advisor or instructor in the program. Go ahead and try to get all your transcripts from any previous coursework you have completed. Unfortunately, many of the science classes "expire" after 10 or 5 years depending and you may have to take them over again. Also many schools have information sessions that may or may not be mandatory. This is a great way to get a lot of information about the program. I can't tell you how many schools I visited and people I spoke with and emails I sent. They had me taking english and math competency tests and asking about my SAT scores and so on an so on. It is a very humbling expereince but you just have to keep perspective, focus on the long term-goal and go for it! Good luck to you
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    Hi all,

    The UW-O program is the one I am preparing for in May 08. I have six pre-reqs and a CNA certification to complete prior to beginning the program. I am going to apply in Sep 07 for this program. I am also applying at Duke University and possibly Columbia. Most of the pre-reqs for UW-O are required at each of these schools as well, along with physics and psychology courses. A year will pass whether I prepare for these schools or not, so I figure I might as well use the time wisely to pursue what has been a dream for over 20 years. The four months I have spent researching my options have been enlightening and empowering.

    They say knowledge is power, so go get powerful, tdaddysbug! The internet is the best place to start and these guys have been absolutely wonderful with sharing their knowledge!

    BTW, I love the "beating a dead horse" smilie, sunnyjohn.... You rock!
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    hi, tdaddysbug!

    i'm posting some links to websites where you can get information about nursing as a career. the discovernursing.com site which was already posted for you in an earlier reply is a very good website. i've linked you into their nursing specialty page, so you can see (and get information) about all the various types of nursing there are. but, first you have to get your rn license. having never had any experience in nursing, i would recommend that you do it the old "brick and mortar" way, as you put it. my reasoning is that i think you learn more when you are with a group of people who are all working toward the same goal and you are physically meeting in classrooms and at clinical sites. you get to know your instructors and develop a rapport and trust in them. i don't know that you can accomplish that with online programs. as a new learner of nursing you need the exposure to many different ideas and experiences that you will get through interaction with other students and instructors in the classroom and at clinical sites. i don't know that you would get as much opportunity to experience that online.

    welcome to allnurses!

    http://www.collegeboard.com/student/...ers/45263.html - "ten questions to ask yourself" about nursing and if it might be right for you

    http://www.collegeboard.com/student/...reers/228.html - this is a career worksheet put together by college board.com (the people who write the sat and clep tests!). this is for those of you who aren't quite sure that nursing is for you and something you can do to help you make that decision.


    http://www.awhonn.org/ncc/student.htm - a very nice information page from the association of women's health, obstetric and neonatal nurses on being a nurse, salary you can expect to make, types of nursing degrees, nursing specialties with weblinks to some of the major professional nursing organizations, the nurse reinvestment act, and some information and how to search for scholarships and financial aid.

    http://nursing.about.com/od/becomean...oreveryone.htm - "nursing is not for everyone". this is a very down to earth and honest article that broadly discusses what a nurse does and what you can expect on the job as a nurse.

    http://stats.bls.gov/oco/ocos083.htm - about registered nursing from the u.s. department of labor

    http://www.discovernursing.com/nursing-careers - list of nursing specialties

    https://allnurses.com/forums/f8/day-...se-185298.html - a day in the life of a registered nurse thread on general nursing discussion forum