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How hard is nursing shcool? Did many of you have difficult times when you went to nursing school? What motivated you and how did you make it through?... Read More

  1. by   Dee1916
    I just started and ADN program this spring and so far its much harder or i should say time consuming than i expected.
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  2. by   live&love&heal
    Nursing school is HARD! Nuff said.
  3. by   JROregon
    It is time consuming absolutely. Is it incredibly hard ? no. There are fundamentals to learn and we delve into the A&P stuff a little deeper and look at the clinical manifestations of problems. We have tests every other week with crazy NCLEX questions that make the smartest students scratch their heads in astonishment. We have skills to learn and then get tested on. We have clinicals where we need to show how well we can do our skills over and over again. We have patient preps to write up that go into detail what our patient has, what kind of treatment to expect, what drugs they are taking, why the drugs are being given to our patient, major side effects, patient teaching and assessments needed for each drug. We have a few papers to write. We learn about drugs. We have simulations. We laugh, we cry, we kiss thousands of dollars good bye. It's all very doable but then so is boot camp...... Oh, and I'm just shy of 50.
  4. by   mangopeach
    I'm only in my first semester of nursing school so take that for what its worth. So far I would not say its hard. As some others have said, time consuming, a thousand times yes!!!! - I have chosen to dedicate the next year and a half to school. Anything outside of school is just not a priority for me. I get to those things when I have the spare time. Having said that, I think its very important that you do take time out to unwind. For me thats making sure I go for regular walks just taking in the scenery, maybe a movie every few weeks. Thats the extent of it for me. I might do something for a weekend for Spring Break. But for the most part, school is my life right now. I don't find the material I'm studying to be difficult. The difficult part if anything, is learning to juggle all the things that need to be done. I've got lecture 2 days a week, so study for that, then I've got clinicals 2 days a week, plus the preparation needed to be done before clinicals and reports that have to be done after clinicals each week. All the while finding time to go to lab as much as I can to practice my skills and getting ready for skills checkoffs. Its a lot to manage so time management is CRUCIAL to your success!!!!

    I know the material will get a bit more difficult as time goes by, but I think its totally manageable when you prioritize and make sure you stay on top of things.
  5. by   stitchincricket
    It's very challenging, but can be done if you keep your focus and priorities straight.
  6. by   CuriousMe
    Quote from Ya-Ya 61
    I am a 49 year old woman. Have always wanted to be a nurse. Throwing around the possibilities of starting 2 yr. RN program. Is it really harder on the older students? By what i have read so far it, it is really making me think about it! Anyone have any advice?
    Ya-Ya: I think it depends on the other responsibilities in your life. There's no doubt that trying to juggle school on top of home, kids and work is super challenging.

    But, as an older person without those additional responsibilities....I've got to say that I think school is so much easier this time around. I didn't have the discipline of focus in my twenties to complete a nursing program....and now I'm at the top of my class.

    Don't count yourself out...what you've learned through your life can only help you in nursing school.
  7. by   mylittlenursing
    Quote from ClimbingNurse
    Prior to entering nursing school I had done all of the following:

    -Completed a BS in computers with honors
    -Run a videoconferencing network for the executives of one of the world's largest pharmacuetical companies
    -Worked as a consultant for what was the largest consulting company in the world (and now doesn't even exist)
    -Climbed big mountains alone in the middle of winter
    -Climbed 5.10 on trad gear (just trust me, that's hard)
    -Walked over 100 miles at a stretch
    -Taught high school kids

    Nursing school was harder, and more rewarding, than any of those endeavors.
    damn miss. shitt,.
  8. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I wouldn't call it easy or extremely hard, but you definitely have to have an ample amount of care and interest in helping others, and have somewhat of a middle when it comes to empathy. I'm having a problem myself, with having too much emotion, which I've always heard other nurses adjusting with time. There may be times where you have to donate every waking hour of your day, week, nursing school - but if this is where you see yourself in the future, you'll pull through and you'll be able to do everything that is needed to get that license in your hand! Good luck everyone! We all have struggles in nursing school, but it's always worth every amount of time spent to save lives or make patients comfortable in their last days or hours! God Bless!
  9. by   fcasteele10
    Omg I have a BS in Biology and have since decided to go back to be an RN. Haven't started yet but I'm nervous bc Im a mother of 2 boys (3 and 8 months) and I work part time. Healthcare has always been an interest for me so I know I can do it I just have to prioritize more with the extra studying I will be accountable for. I'm striving for stability and knowing that I won't have room to slack I can see myself now burning out from exhaustion with the comments I've read so far. Thanks for the heads up....REALLY!!! 😱
  10. by   Legacy67
    I just wanted to share a little post, so that other "older" students contemplating nursing school wouldn't be dissuaded. I've actually found that I seem to be "more together" than I was when I was younger (I'm 45 now) and as weird as it sounds--I can tell, I'm smarter too. I seem to get things quicker and easier than my younger comprades (and even when I was younger too) simply because I've had more life experience to draw from. Time management skills and fewer life issues make it easier as well. If you are older, and going back to school--don't be afaid of NS etc., because it might be easier than you think, BECAUSE OF YOUR AGE, NOT DESPITE YOUR AGE!
  11. by   jennylouwho
    I have three kids. I have two semesters to go. My kids are almost 6, almost 4 and 18 months. It's doable, but I work my tale off and am doing it. First semester wasn't bad. Second semester was challenging because of a prof that wasn't good, she was removed half way through the semester and I went from a barely C, to a solid B. I had to figure out how to teach myself. Our last week, I spent 40 hours studying for our final, but it was worth it. My husband steps up in a big way in bedtime routines with the kids and on weekends, especially during crunch times.
  12. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Nursing school was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but my first year of nursing was the hardest...physically (lack of sleep in night shift), and emotionally.