Is it nearly impossible to find a job with only an associates degree?

  1. I have only been working on my pre reqs for two semesters now and my plan is to apply for my school's ASN program. My question is if I would need to continue to get my BSN after that. I was in the E.R. last month with food poisoning and overheard some nurses talking about how hard it was to find jobs for new nursing grads. They were telling this to a young girl who was almost finished with her BSN program. I have a family and just want to work but should I be preparing myself for a longer time in school and more pre reqs?
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  3. by   bankssarn
    I have an ASN degree and have not had an issue finding a job. I've had multiple offers. I think it depends on where you're from. Bigger cities and bigger hospitals tend to lean more towards the BSN degree. I know I wouldn't stand a chance getting a job in, say, Chicago. There is a major push for BSN, though. More and more hospitals are requiring it. Eventually, the goal is for the BSN to be the entry level degree (they've been saying that for years, though). Best of luck to you!
  4. by   zoe92
    It depends where you live, like the person above said. Where I live, the good hospitals that you want to work at take BSNs, so that's why I am going for that.
  5. by   Sun0408
    It really depends where you live like others have said. I work in a very large hospital and had no issues getting hired with my ADN fresh out of school. Very few places in my area offer BSN programs (excluding on-line) so its kind of tough to require one. This may be different in other areas/states with more University's attached to the hospital or several in the surrounding area. Check local listings, your area hospital websites etc.. this will give you an idea what they like.

    In general no matter the degree it is tough for many experienced RN's as well as new grads to find jobs.
  6. by   ChristineN
    I echo everyone one else on it depends on your geographic location. When I finished nursing school I had a diploma RN and had no problem getting a job, and most of the nurses hired in my city were either diploma grads or ASN's. Fast forward to when I did an RN-BSN bridge and then moved. I am so glad I got my BSN as my new city is very much BSN dominated, and my new hospital only hires nurses with a BSN.
  7. by   Racer15
    Yep yep yep, as has been said, all depends on where you live. I graduate next week with my ADN and I accepted a job offer in the ER last month. Most of my class already has jobs lined up for when they graduate.
  8. by   FormerLawyer
    Where I live (smallish town), ADNs get hired from the local community college even before they take their exams. It's crazy, the hospital tends to hire these grads because of them do clinicals and internships in this hospital and they have a good relationship with the community college. My mother has worked their for 33 years and she tells me they have a pretty high turn over, the hospital hires these new RNs, they work for a year or two and spring board into bigger cities. It really depends where you are from, and more importantly, where you want to go. Where do the grads where you go to school get their jobs?

    Also, I just want to commend you for thinking about jobs ahead of time. It seems like lots of people are going to school and only looking as far ahead as one semester and that's not setting themselves up for success!
  9. by   FormerLawyer
    Quote from Racer15
    Yep yep yep, as has been said, all depends on where you live. I graduate next week with my ADN and I accepted a job offer in the ER last month. Most of my class already has jobs lined up for when they graduate.
    Congrats on the job!
  10. by   Ednach
    Thank you guys for the replies. I live in San Diego, Ca and there are many hospitals but there is plenty of other people with the same drive to help others. I will definitely start looking around to find out what they are looking for. As long as I can become a working nurse one day I will be very happy not matter how long it takes. I am a single mother though and want to be working before my son turns 18.
  11. by   Meriwhen
    Considering I got hit with three recruiting offers this month, it's not impossible.

    It is tougher to start off as a new grad with a ADN, especially in California where BSNs are preferred by most employers. But even that's not entirely impossible either.