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Well actually I do know what to do next..APPLY to nursing school but im scared... I don't have great grades im a B student and I repeated 2 classes(anatomy and micro.) ANYONE In the same boat???? OR... Read More

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    You'll figure this one out once you have your own kids
    I'm sorry, but I find that comment very consecending. I've figured this out already.

    I haven't disagreed with what you said, I think SAHMs work hard, just inside the house....and I don't need kids of my own to know that. Repeatedly beating her over the head with the fact, doesn't make the fact more or less true, it's just beating her up. Beating her up is the only thing I've opposed.

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    I was thinking about this the other day, I have a friend whos daughter is a senior in high school who has a C average at best. My friend is such a university snob she is struggling to find a "good" school for her daughter to get into, she is always cracking jokes about CC (forgeting I assume that I attend one) I was trying to explain to her that CC is a great choice, why spend all that money on a university for someone who doesn't seem very focused in school? Anyway I was trying to think of the differences other then the obvious you don't get your 4 yr degree, I think the majority of people who go to CC are looking to transfer unless there is a specific program like Nursing that they offer. But I realized CC have more "remedial" classes its your chance to "catch" up I love that they offer pre algebra and several other get back into the swing of thing courses, but they also offer the college level transfer courses. NOt everyone that goes there takes the below level courses but they are there to help people (like myself) get their head on straight and possibly even start from scratch. I know in my case it had been many years since college and high school and I was not a great student at all, age has done wonders in that department. All my courses now are college level but at the CC where they are half the price, they transfer to university and if I so desire I can go for my BSN when I am done and have very little to do out side of the core nursing courses.
    There is absolutely no problem to transfer any of the CC classes to the 4 year schools here in our area. I will knock out whatever I can at our CC. I read your other post.
    Boy, with 3 kids you really have your hands full
    Good luck with everything.
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    I think an A&P course will transfer from CC to university. From what I understand CC really "dumbs down" the class from what you would be expected to know at university. I am currently taking A&P at a CC and have an A in the class. It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I mean, it's intense and there is plenty to memorize, but it's quite doable with a good grade if you put the study time in.
    What planet are you from to assume that CC dumbs courses down? I wished my CC A&P1 teacher could get a hold of you It was pure hell :angryfire in his class. Get this: out of ca. 30 students at the beginning of the semester only 2 were left in the end to take the final. And I had a Biochem teacher similar to that. You may make and A in your current class and it may look very impressive on your transcript but what about later on in nursing school? Are you sure you learn everything you need to know in your "dumbed down" class to make it through nursing school? I don't think that we have to worry about that in our school, there is nothing dumbed down here and people get ruthlessly weeded out prior to nursing school. Anyone who thinks otherwise will not make it even with the bare minimum of a "C".
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    You guys are both too funny!!
    I am glad this adds to your entertainment
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    My brother was a C student, and he started off at a major university. He made Cs, hated it, and dropped out after one semester. He took one off, moved back in with my folks, and started at the local CC. They had a program where if you completed a set curriculum at your own pace you could transfer to the state university as a junior with guaranteed admission and all of your core curriculum completed, with only your major requirements to finish. He wound up doing very well in two years there and transferring to a different university and got his degree 1.5 years ago. CC worked great for him and for several on my friends. Not because they're easier, but because of flexible scheduling, non-traditional students, and the commuter aspect leads to people going to school to learn rather than to party. Good luck to your friend and her daughter, whatever they decide!
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    ...they have the most important job and unfortunately don't get breaks, lunch hours with friends, annual reviews telling what a wonderful job they're doing, bonuses, vacation time, credit toward their social security, 401(k)s, etc...<snip>

    Sheesh, I want your job!!! I don't get most of those things at my job.....the only one I have on the list is credit toward social security

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    I know a nursing student who had to take Chemistry TWICE before finally passing it and she is starting clinicals this January. The mantra that will always get you through is this: DETERMINATION!!! And:

    "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP" -Winston Churchill

    You are so NOT alone!!!
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    You are not alone. I retook an anatomy class to get a better grade. Glad I did. I applied to 4 different schools and only one accepted me. I was crushed and shocked J/K, that I didn't get in but I got over it and here I am close to being done with nursing school. Be patient.
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    I think it depends on where you are; I was accepted on my first attempt with a 3.14; Get all the prereqs done that you can; nursing school is hard but great.
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    Quote from MIKelly
    I think an A&P course will transfer from CC to university. From what I understand CC really "dumbs down" the class from what you would be expected to know at university. I am currently taking A&P at a CC and have an A in the class. It's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I mean, it's intense and there is plenty to memorize, but it's quite doable with a good grade if you put the study time in.
    Any class is doable if you put the time in to study. Not sure about the "dumbing down" of the classes. I had a fabulous A&P instructor at my CC, we even had a chance to work with human cadavers. The class was hard, intense, and it took alot of study time, but like I said before, you can do anything as long as you put the time in.
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    There is a great book you should get it is called the a&p coloring book. I am a new grad and it really helped me.
    Quote from Jenny67
    You are not alone.

    At the rate I'm going in A&P this semester I'm sure that I'll be retaking this class again and honestly I've been thinking about dropping out and just being happy with my life, but that would be too easy to run away..I am going to attempt to bring my weekly quiz grades up and do the best that I can.

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    I am currently in BIOL 155 (A & P) and we are more than half way through the semester and I only have a 75% and the next chapters seem very difficult but, I am trying to stay positive that I will at least get a B for the class. I am applying for the nursing program and find out if I am going to be accepted in Janurary 2007. I have mostly A's, 2 B's, and a C in chemistry and if I also get a C in A & P I doubt I will get in. My current gpa is 3.4 and I'm not real confindent about taking the aptitude test you must take to determine if you get in the program. Some how I am still holding on but it's nice to know that I'm not the only having difficult times and am worrying about getting in the program the first time I apply. I have actually thought about just joining the military if I don't get in this time. I have been going part-time to school for about 4 years and just feel like I am doing all this work and not receiving any accomplishments so I thought well at least if I was I in the army I would feel like I am doing something. I am still undecided on this matter, but really really hope I get in the program. Also, as far a bringing up ones GPA, my college allows you to take a P.E. class and you can get an A by showing up so many times a semester for 20mins and that will bring up you GPA. I am going to do this starting next semester.

    I wish everyone luck!!!
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    One additional comment about the Anatomy coloring book. I have it and there is so much to color it overwhelms me. And I am the kind of person that when I start something I HAVE to finish it. This was so time consuming that I didn't study as much and it only helped me a little bit. I wish I would not of bought it and just stuck to the material I was given, the books and my notes. It may be more helpful for others, but I just wanted to say it doesn't help all.