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because right now im so upset and you guys all would know how i feel better than anyone. I applied to two schools..havent heard from one of them yet, but got a letter today from the second one,... Read More

  1. by   caliotter3
    This is an example of why follow-up never hurts. When I give reference forms to people or ask for letters, I gently follow up and will even go to pick it up for hand delivery to the intended recipient or to the post office. It has happened to me too often that stuff just "disappears". One of my acquaintances was told that she was missing transcripts from her application packet one time also (when it was too late to remedy). When she went in person, the clerk pulled her folder and found the transcripts, in their unopened envelope, right in her folder, which had been filed in the "no go" section. My husband once found the same thing with a job application. Everytime he checked, it could not be found, or he was given the brushoff.
    When he went in person, after the position had been filled, his folder was found filed away, not even considered.

    To the best of your ability, you should do as much follow up and leg work that you can on your own behalf. You might be the factor that gets your application/packet even considered at all. Good luck with your second choice. If it doesn't work out, then find some other opportunities and apply elsewhere. But don't give up. This kind of thing happens more often than you think.
  2. by   roxxy3773
    I am sooo sorry that happened Talulah117, I could have sworn that they all sent me a letter saying what was still missing from my application or if it was complete. I can't believe that, I would feel horrible if I was your boss! You still have another chance, so stay positive. I will be thinking about you and I am going to send my positive vibes out for your acceptance letter!! Hopefully we will hear soon!
    I hope things start getting better and things work out for the best for you and your boyfriend.
  3. by   Mexarican
    Damn that blows major chunks!

    I had my supervisor write a reccomendation letter as well and put it into a company ennvelope sealed and initialed on the flap. then i asked him to give it to me in my hands and that I would mail it. I couldn't trust that someone else would have it on their mind enough to remember to get it there on time. I had to have my NET exam scores sent from my local university to my nursing application university as well. I called and double checked until i got a confirmation it had been mailed out. sorry man...i truly feel for you!

  4. by   MIKelly
    You found out the hard way what helps schools weed people out of a huge pool of applicants . At my college about 900 people apply for 130 spots and half of them are eliminated right away because their applications aren't complete (HESI test scores, application, school transcripts). My college sends you a letter to let you know if your application is complete or what's missing, so there is no excuse for anyone not to have everything in order. It's too bad your boss slacked off, but it really was your responsibility to get your reference in on time, not hers. I hope your first application was complete and you get good news from that school!
  5. by   nessa1980
    Hi Honey!
    Lots of hugs coming your way. I completely understand. And unfortunately that when it rains it does seem to pour, but put your chin up and get back out there and do what you have to do to get into Nursing school. I believe that when things like this happen, its a test. It would only be terrible if you sat back and let things get the better of you.
    I have been having a terrible year so far. My close friend died at Christmas, I have new financial worries, I left out 20 questions in the Verbal part of the NLN (LOL) and the worst of all, sudden health worries. I hate the way everything seems to happen all at the same time.
    You will definitely make it into Nursing school if thats what you want - i know you will. I hope you get into your other choice, but if you dont, the road might be a little bit longer, but time flies, and you'll still get there!!!
    About the break-up, thats extremely difficult (been through a difficult one about 3 years ago), but you'll be ok. Always try and tell yourself that things could be a hell of a lot worse. That usually helps me!!!
    Take care girl!!!! :icon_hug: