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Hi everyone, I have a huge problem. I just started clinical in my CNA class at a nursing home and to be completely honest, I really hated it. I wanted to like it and enjoy it but I couldn't. I was... Read More

  1. by   tigerlogic
    There are lots of types of nursing and ways to get experience. I'd say keep an open mind and finish the program but you can find other ways to get experience. Tech jobs or working in clinics, maybe? A few people in my nursing class got their experience at Planned Parenthood, for instance. I disliked LTC but enjoy being a hospital CNA, though I can't wait to have more responsibility and thinking once I become a nurse.
  2. by   MsPiggy
    You've gotten lots of good advice here. I worked as a CNA before becoming a LPN and while I liked the
    interaction and bedside care-I don't think anyone really enjoys dealing with a code brown in aisle 2.

    Don't get discouraged, there is so much more to nursing. Maybe you were overwhelmed and to have a
    supervisor be so negative doesn't help. There are tons of other jobs you can do while in school as others
    have discussed above.. Follow your dream!!
    Ms. P
  3. by   LCinTraining
    Quote from samadams8
    Well, as far as work and stress go, to me, poop, blood, vomit, pee, sputum (something I've always had a tough time with--and I work in critical care of all ages--we are almost always trying to suck out someone's tracheal secretions), all of that is nothing compared to other issues and stressors. It's like the least of it. Sure, it's not something you want to be dealing with every minute of the day; but compared to the other kinds of stress and responsibility, it doesn't hold a candle. Sometimes it's a lot better to be the cleaner upper over being the charge nurse and juggling admissions and problems and resident physicians and attendings all while having your own pretty sick patients and families with which to deal.
    my charge nurses are supportive of my education but I tell them I will never be charge. Me responsible for them? I couldn't even handle a scheduling issue I was asked to help with! LOL My hat is off to all charge nurses. It is a tough job!
  4. by   Rosa_G
    I would try to stick it out... Also perhaps look at volunteering at different settings. I did at a hospital and there is much more out there... Many cna schools only work with senior or hospice care.. you are really only seeing a small portion of medicine there... much different in a hospital or outpatient center etc... I work as a CNA in a med surg/ telemetry unit and we see pretty much everything. I really enjoy it... BUT I remember really not enjoying my clinical time in CNA school.. it was not like what I do now.. still lots of poop but the facility is better, ventilation system is better and frankly the nurses are sharper...I am in nursing school now and have no regrets
  5. by   guadarn
    We can teach people and they will acquire the knowledge and skills that is needed to be a CNA or an RN but we can never teach the art "nursing" - caring... I believe it is innate in every person to care in certain ways but in Nursing , we have to care no matter what it entails for us to do period.... if you cannot enjoy or find fulfillment in the little things that you do as a CNA or eventually an RN I suggest you think about it again and figure out what is it that you really love to do...

    You cannot be a Nurse Anesthetist without undergoing the basics of nursing education and that includes all the stuff that you already experience in the CNA class... I do wish you well though and hope that you find it in your heart to pursue a degree that will best suit you.
  6. by   PacoUSA
    Not necessarily. You're working as a CNA in one setting, the nursing home. Being a CNA at an acute care hospital is a different experience, and so is working as a nurse for that matter. Give yourself a chance to work in different environments and different experiences before you rule out nursing altogether.
  7. by   breffe
    If you want to work in the OR with surgeons then continue on with your nursing plans. You could get a job in the OR and learn how to circulate. Once you get in there and make connections you can find a doctor that wouldn't mind having an assistant. Then you can go on to get your certification as an RN-First Assist. You would be opposite a surgeon, the responsibility would not be as great as it is if you are a CRNA and you can get the best of both worlds!

    If you are going to be a CRNA for the money then being a first assist is not going to get you the money. But it seems it would be the better match for what you are looking to do.

    As for hating being a CNA? I am an LPN and with LPN clinicals I absolutely hated being in the nursing home. I don't like working with the elderly. I hate that I feel that way but that is honestly how I feel. It is okay to feel that way. Geriatrics isn't for everyone. Do what you need to do to get to your end goal and then find a specialty that fits you and your personality.

    Good Luck!
  8. by   retiredlady
    How about being a surgical tech in the OR? They are right at the surgical area and don't deal directly with patients. I think it is a not too long course. I too, after a while did not like being a CNA and did not like Med-Surg, but loved OB
  9. by   Quetzalcoatl
    CNAs in hospitals do a wide variety of work. You could be a CNA in day surgery or the main OR. Hospitals are different than nursing homes unless you work on a unit that takes hospice-type patients. I did my clinicals at a nursing home also and I was pretty horrified. The unit you work in and even day vs night can be different. There are certain units I'm just not cut out for like oncology or pediatrics, though in a hospital you may occasionally float to such a unit for a day. Everyone has their niche.

    Plus jobs can be stepping stones and just temporary.
  10. by   StudentNurseKitteh
    ask yourself: why do you want to be a nurse anaesthetist?
  11. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from StudentNurseKitteh
    ask yourself: why do you want to be a nurse anaesthetist?
    Everyone that I have heard that wants to be one basically does it for the bug buck$$. Have yet to hear someone express a much more salient reason.
  12. by   Compassion_x
    I honestly felt like you did. I absolutely did not like my CNA clinicals, but mostly because the other girls in my class were ******. They made it terrible. Once I actually began working as a CNA, I actually like it quite a bit most days. I would advise that you continue your program, and give it a try.
  13. by   gummi bear
    Whatever you decide to do, please realize that RN work does not exclude you from doing "CNA work". If you work in an ICU, (which you will probably have to in order to get into CRNA school, and some hospitals require med surg experience prior to working in the ICU) then please don't be that nurse that pushes all of the "yucky" stuff off on the other staff. I'm a CNA and I love what I do, but I can't stand people who refuse to work as a team because they don't want to/refuse to get their hands dirty. Isn't that a part of healthcare? Anyways, as I go through school, as you are as well, I try to keep these things in mind. Good luck on whatever you decide to do.