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I just got the mail and I received my denial letter from El Centro. The cutoffs stated earlier on the DCCCD board are correct. However, what is incorrect is my prerequisite GPA. They calculated... Read More

  1. by   Jessy_RN
    You need to fight this! A 4.0 does not need any calculation.
  2. by   hollybear1414
    I don't know how that district/college works, but I do know that some schools here in CA they take the average of the two grades if you take the class twice & passed with at least a C the first time. If you failed the first time, then that's when you can replace it with the most current grade.
    I'm sorry but that's the dumbest rule I've ever heard! Why would you get punished for getting a C and rewaded for getting an F??? makes no sense..
  3. by   ksparkman
    First, I want to thank everyone for their support with all of this.

    Second, I did email the lady at El Centro. I didn't think that I would hear from her, but 20 minutes later I had an email in my inbox. She said that she looked at my records and that as soon as someone declined their position, she would put me in.

    That's all fine and dandy, but my question is...What if no one declined? Realistically there will be people declining. However, if they didn't, would I just be out of luck even though the mistake was on their end?

    I've decided not to be mad about it.

    I've also decided to change my major. It has nothing to do with this. I originally wanted to be a CRNA. After a lot of thinking, I decided that I would become an MDA and bypass the "stigma" that some people have of CRNA's. I don't agree with the way they are treated, but I don't really want to spend so much time in school and work so hard only to be treated like dirt by some arrogant doc.

    I know that not all docs are arrogant, but we all know that they are out there. I applied half knowing that I might be changing my major, and then during the waiting process I completed the change.

    I wanted to leave my options open in case my mother or husband lost their job. That way I would enter nursing school and get out ASAP and start working. I would continue my goals later when we were on our feet.

    Then again, I wanted the acceptance into the program. It's what I've been working so hard for this whole time. Regardless of whether or not I'm going to be attending the program. It was important for me to get an acceptance letter.

    I haven't mentioned my change in major here because I didn't want to offend anyone. The studentdoctor.net site is ok, but it's not allnurses.com and I didn't want to lose any friends here. You guys are an amazing group of people and I would love to continue our friendships no matter where I'm going to school, or what my major is. I think we all have one common goal, and that's to help people. Whether someone is a doctor or a nurse shouldn't make a difference.

    Doctors wouldn't be able to make it without nurses. I just wish some of them would realize that and appreciate them.
  4. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    I think that they should make room, if you really wanted. That's not fair to you, but I do understand their teacher:student ratio.

    However, I know you can become whatever you put your mind to!

    Good luck! (You'll always have friends here!)
  5. by   LKG6
    Quote from ksparkman
    You guys are an amazing group of people and I would love to continue our friendships no matter where I'm going to school, or what my major is.
    Good luck with your new major!
  6. by   sunnyjohn
    I ain't mad at ya' KSPARKMAN!

    You have to do what you feel is best for you.

    Yes, you SHOULD HAVE gotten an acceptance letter because you had the 4.0. Mistakes happen, but what happens to the pre-studentt who does not realize they were the victim of a computation error?

    MD or RN , study hard and be blessed.

    P.S. I post on SDN too! Those neurotic kids crack me up!
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  7. by   TriceRN
    I'm so sorry! I hope everything works out. I currently go to El Centro and to tell you the truth, every semester there are quite a few people who decide not to continue every semester. Good luck!

    BTW I got denied the first time too if that makes you feel any better.