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Its been a long time coming, but I got my acceptance letter today from WCTC. Im so excited for the Fall. Thought I would make a new thread to see who else on here got in West Central Tech.... Read More

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    I have asked a few people how the nln was. can you tell me what your experience was? is it pretty much what is in the nln review book?
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    <P>60 English questions, some were vocabulary definitions, others were passages (reading comprehension) where you answered questions about the passages.</P>
    <P>60 science, multiple choice, if I was unsure of the answer, I could typically eliminate two answers and up my odds. A lot of stuff I remembered from highschool in the 80s...</P>
    <P>40 math problems, fractions, decimals, cannot remember-mostly your basic 7th grade math.</P>
    <P>I think that it was 4 hours long-it has been almost a year since I've taken it though! Don't drink much so you will not be distracted by the need to pee...</P>
    <P>Keep in mind that about 15 problems will be thrown in as "test" problems for possible use in future tests and will not count. I came across several that blew my mind in the science section and spent a lot of time fretting over them and trying to come up with&nbsp;the correct answers-completely forgetting that there were some "test" questions thrown in-</P>
    <P>Your reaction to the test will be personal. Knowing mine (or anyone else's for that matter)&nbsp;will not help you.&nbsp; It seemed fine to me(other than the additional ?s that I forgot about during the test) while it really shook up a friend of mine. </P>
    <P>None of the questions were exactly like the ones in the review. But they were similar. Hint-when you do the review for vocab, if there are ANY words in the multiple choice selections that you do not recognize(not just the correct answer) , look them up as well and write them out. I did this and a few of the words that I took the time to learn showed up on there.</P>
    <P>Go ahead and take it. If you don't like your score, take it again until you do. Good luck!<IMG class=inlineimg border=0 alt=0 src="http://images.allnurses.com/smilies/smokin.gif" smilieid="25"></P>
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    Quick note-I do not know why all the <p>&nbsp crap showed up in my post-I am sorry about that! I certainly did not type it that way!
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    I started a thread under the general nursing student section, "West Central Technical Fall 2009 Students." We can share ideas on where to get cheap school supplies, etc.

    61 days to go...yay
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    Hi Janis1023. Sorry for the delayed response. My computer has been kaput. We just got it back from the fix-it guy yesterday. You mentioned you live in Carrollton. I don't live too far from you. I live in Villa Rica and I am currently attending UWG. Anyway, I am in the same situation as you. I have not taken the nln yet either. I will be taking it soon as well. I am very nervous. Not sure what to expect. Not sure exactly how to study. I have bought two study guides, the first is the National League for Nursing Review Guide for RN Pre-Entrance Exam and the second one is Nursing School Entrance Exams. Would love to hear any advice you've received as well as any guidance from those of you who have been where Janis1023 & I are now.