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Hi everyone. I am 46 years old (or young, however you want to look at it) and decided last year that it was time to go back and finish something I started back in 1984. Now, none of my credits are... Read More

  1. by   ChervRN
    I LOVE THIS!!! :yeahthat:

    quote=GeekGirl;3625977]Go for it!
    Plus what would the world become if we started putting an expiration date on our dreams? [/quote]

    I'm going on 42 and just starting my first pre-reqs on Monday! Looks like I'm in some terrific company!
  2. by   kristi1111
    GO FOR IT!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

    I am 35 and have never really quit going to school (already have two diplomas, a bachelor's and a master's degree in other subjects.) I am currently still going to school to complete prerequisites for a nursing program (as well as working.) Oh and in case you were wondering I am not one of those people who just goes to school and is labeled "a career student" as I have held jobs in every area that I am educated in and am currently using my degrees where I am employed currently.) My point is, I love to learn and plan on educating myself in whatever way I can for the entire duration of my life. I believe that keeping your mind active is WHAT KEEPS YOU YOUNG!!!
  3. by   jagtag
    You are only too old, if you have already expired. So go for it. There is alot to be said for a person of any age still going for their dream. You have already conquered half the battle, by making a change. The other half is still within arms once again, GO FOR IT!
  4. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    I didn't read all the replies (it's late and I am tired) but I wanted to say GO FOR IT. I was just reading some stats that the hospital I want to work at had and it said the average age for New Grads is in their 40's so your not to old at all. Heck, one never stops learning and the way to keep your brain sharp as you get older is to KEEP CHALLENGING IT.

    Best of luck to you!!!!
  5. by   Busia
    I'm 32, and I will be honest, I was worried when I went for registration yesterday. At first I saw all the older people and though whew, no problem! But then they told everyone to split off into groups, pre-nursing, LPN and RN. it seemed like almost all of the older students got up and moved over to the RN area! And the few left seemed to be parents with their daughters. But I must have missed something, because later on I looked around and noticed a bunch more older students in my pre-nursing area. There was one woman that had to have been in her early 60's, a couple around my age, and a few in their 40's or 50's. Even one man that had to have been late 40's. And I know there was another registration session in the afternoon too. You're definitely not too old!
  6. by   curlylights06
    Love that last comment !!! Its great
  7. by   mamafor2manykids

    I just wanted to encourage you to pursue your dream. You are never too old. You will be the same age 2 to 4 years from now, with or without a degree. Go for the degree, make a difference in your own personal life, and make a difference in the lives of others.

    I am 43 and am just starting down the road of nursing. I haven't even finished all of my prereqs but I plan on going all the way!!!! NP, here I come. Perhaps we can go together. Good luck in your travels and don't give up.

  8. by   terisinwa
    thank you thank you thank you for talking about it!! i, too, started this about two years ago and chickened out! now i'm 41 and jumping back in totally - good to know there will be other chicks out there who can reminisce about the 80's and be fully into the new adventure! i am so excited as nursing has always been what gets my rush going - so hallelujah i'm finally listening! best wishes and see you out there on the floor somewhere!! ha

  9. by   mickswit
    you are never too old. :lol_hittii am a mother to 3 adult sons and a daughter of a 70 year old mother. i have been going to school for this nursing degree for a lot of years with the ultimate goal in mind to someday teach nursing. i will turn 52 in july. i will endure my last class this july-august, leadership i can not say it was easy/ or fun but it it is something i can say i wanted and i saw it through to the end. don't ever be weak, take my advice and go for the gold. when we do not realize our dreams we are to old, to dream. it is when we can follow our dreams and see them through that makes life worth living. think of the feelings of accomplishment when you have finished- and can work toward another goal!!!! :smiley_ab
  10. by   terisinwa
    Courage can't see around corners, but goes around them anyway. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

    now let's go!!
  11. by   happybird67
    Go for your dream!! I thought I would be the oldest in my class when I went back to school(39 years old at the time), but had a classmate who was 56 years young!! She did great, and in fact had more energy than a lot of the 20 year olds in our class! Our university had a 72 y/o who graduated with a degree in psychology! She told me that it had been a life long dream of hers to become a pychologist! Well I am just putting these examples just to say that you are never too old to go for what you want! I also agree with MassED, you are in a good place! Good luck!
  12. by   CTPCTstudent
    Go for it! You aren't alone - there are many of us in our 40's and 50's who are just now getting to go to school!
  13. by   Krafts1
    Hi Amy,
    I just turned 52 last week and I am a junior in nursing school. I too have waited my whole life to be a nurse and finally decided to go for it. It is the best thing I have ever done!! I have met lots of great people and although I am the oldest in my class, I fit right in with all the other ages.

    Please keep going....don't give up on your dream because of your "age". It is difficult for sure but we have plenty to offer the profession and our fellow students. I know you can do it!!!