How much is everyone paying for books this upcoming semester? - page 5

For two classes, my nursing fundamentals class and my A&P II class, it's going to cost me about $520! 7 books total for two classes!!! The bookstore on my campus is the only bookstore around that... Read More

  1. by   Dancinagain
    Definitely look on for your textbooks. I also sell the ones I have used and make some money that way. If you put the ISBN number in, you will be sure that you are getting the right edition.

    Also don't forget Barnes & Noble. My Bio text was 176 in the bookstore at college, but cheaper on Plus I have a book club membership so I got an additional discount. I think I paid around $120 instead for a brand new book.
  2. by   Peel
    Quote from dallet6
    Is paying for the cat a seperate cost from the normal lab fee?
    At my school, I had to pay for the cat separately. May be different at other schools.
  3. by   ocmd79
    For my one class my textbooks came to over $500 - and that was on amazon. Granted my class combines A&P, microbiology and chem. I hope my other classes won't be like this!
  4. by   Sunset87
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    It's going to be closer to $350. I just found out about 2 more books I need to buy.
    Another total is now about $450.