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Sunset87 has 12 years experience as a ASN, BSN, MSN, RN, CNM and specializes in Certified Nurse-Midwife.

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  1. CA furnishing requirnment

    Did y'all end up taking the course? Does it meet the initial furnishing requirement?
  2. California Furnishing License

    Would be able to amend your application with proof of completing a new course or whatever was missing without having to pay again? I took advanced pharmacology at WGU; I'm not sure it meets the requirements. I've seen a 45 hour course mentioned...
  3. Congratulations! Why is Texas refusing you?
  4. California NP furnishing number

    Thanks. I have. Waiting on a response.
  5. University of Colorado. Sorry for the two year late reply LOL. I've graduated and now stressing about if California Board of Registered Nursing will accept WGU's advanced pharmacology. WGU's MSN is more trouble than it's worth. It saved me a lot of t...
  6. California NP furnishing number

    Did they end up accepting this course? I took advanced pharm at Western Governors University. I have a feeling that may not meet California requirements. I'm thinking I'll go ahead and take this course. If they respond that I need to retake pharm, I ...
  7. WGU-MSN Transfer Credits for FNP

    I did RN-MSN. I would say be careful with post grad certificates. Some schools don't set them up for financial aid. Will you need loans for your post grad certificate? Think carefully before doing it.
  8. Advanced Pathophysiology (Adv Patho)

    Thanks for the suggestion. I didn't want to go through another application process. I ended up registering at mgh institute. It's pricey, but was hard to find this class offered anywhere during the summer.
  9. WGU-MSN Transfer Credits for FNP

    I've just accepted an offer from University of Colorado; they will not accept Adv. Patho or APN Role.
  10. I've been accepted into a post grad certificate program, starting this fall. Yay! But they will not accept the adv patho course on my transcript (from WGU). I need to take this course over the summer, but it isn't offered at the school during the sum...
  11. Advanced patho at University of Kentucky

    Did you take this class? I need this class ASAP.
  12. Did you ever find somewhere to take this class? I'm in the same situation. I need to take advanced pathophysiology, this summer, to start my post grad program, this fall.
  13. I'm having the opposite problem. I've been accepted into a post grad program and they will accept the pharm and assessment from wgu, but not the patho.
  14. Vanderbilt MSN 2019

    Congrats to those that got in. I got waitlisted for the CNM program.
  15. CNM and WHNP dual program

    Frontier is just extra clinicals for the WHNP portion. I know UCSF has a dual program, but I don't think it's online.