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For two classes, my nursing fundamentals class and my A&P II class, it's going to cost me about $520! 7 books total for two classes!!! The bookstore on my campus is the only bookstore around that... Read More

  1. by   todell80
    I had the unfortunate experience of buying all my books today. The computer program they use to charge the books to our financial aide was down, so it took the better part of my day waiting around for it to work, finally leaving, driving all the way back home and then back out when it was working again!! But that's a whole other story....

    I spent $560 on my books, plus another $50 on a really nice Jansport rolling backpack, and about $20 on random supplies. I did find a really good deal: our bookstore had clearanced some of last years Jansport backpacks, and I found 2 that were originally $50 for $11 each!! I was so excited since my husband wanted a backpack to take on his motorcycle anyway.

    I couldn't believe how much books cost. I wish I had the option of just buying online. But then again, I know someone who did that and ended up with the completely wrong book (it was mis-advertised) and never did get her money back. One bad experience has scared me!! Anyone had good luck doing that?
  2. by   Jilaweez
    you can do a search for cheap college textbooks, enter the ISBN and most of the sites will give you multiple listings for the cheapest prices at all of the popular online bookstores.
    Hope you all save some money!!
    You know what I hate, when you buy them and then they change editions the next semester and you can't resale it. So far the only book I have been able to keep and use as a reference guide is my Guyton textbook of medical physiology.
  3. by   traumaQN
    I got all my books online. I bid on ebay and also check out, it is a search engine that finds the cheapest online price. I had to gave about 14 books and according to the bookstore the price was- $900.25. Which I didn't have, not even close. So, I am checking out 2 study guides from the library for free, an allnurses member sent me 4, I got another one from a friend, I got 4 off ebay, and 3 online through bigwords.. and my total was $268.74. I am saving over $600. Granted I have had some kind donations from very generous people.. but did a lot of leg work for the rest to get them affordably. Boy was it worth it!
  4. by   shrimpchips
    close to $450 if i buy all new; if i buy all used, then approx $320. i thought that was bad but after seeing how much other users have to spend...i don't have it that bad. ($1300?! that's crazy!!! O_O)
  5. by   JoshuaC
    Quote from tddowney
    About $650. Some of those books will be used next semester as well, such as lab and drug refs.

    All of our Mosby books also have full versions on CD, with search and cross references, highlight and note taking ability. I have loaded all the CDs on my desktop and laptop. I'll read the assignments at home with the hard copy (I find extensive reading on a computer screen annoying), but take the laptop to class.
    Yeah, two of my books are drug references and one of them is a medical dictionary. So we'll be using those for the next two years. So maybe next semester won't be as bad.
  6. by   RN2B2008
    2 classes - Basic nursing concepts and practice
    Health assessment and the adult client

    14 Books!!! New costs: $736.30 Used: $552.65

    It is killing me to have to purchase so many books. I don't know how I am going to even carry them all. How do the instructors expect to cover that much material in one semester? I am nervous about starting nursing school and I hope that I can keep up! Good luck everyone this semester in class!!!
  7. by   RN2B2008 is also a good place to get good prices on used books.
  8. by   BeccaznRN
    $410.....this is the last semester before graduation!
  9. by   IaCountryGirl
    I went to the online book store, and including the non-required books, the total was around 350 dollars. BUT, I'm not taking anything overly complicated right now so I'm sure once I get into the big science classes, the cost will go up.
  10. by   danh3190
    About $650. Most of the books were bought new which may have been stupid. I've had some used books in really bad shape though.

    I would have paid more except that the A&P and Microbiology books were lots cheaper online. The nursing books were about same price online and at the campus bookstore.

    When the school sent the booklist they included the ISBN numbers so I was able to search online using that number. I hope the ISBNs are different for US and international editions.
  11. by   barbnyc
    I needed to purchase the books for 9 credits of nursing courses. I have spent approximately $550.00.

    Fundamentals of Nursing + Study Guide
    Math for Meds
    Davis Drug Guide
    Taber Medical Dictionary
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    Davis Handbook of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests
    Nurses Pocket Guide for Diagnostic, Rationale & Intervention
    Mosby's Nursing PDQ
  12. by   marilynmom
    I just went and got my books last week for Med/Surg, Concepts, Psych/Mental Health, and Physical Assessement and some other books required like Saunders NCLEX review, Taber's dictionary, RNotes, study guides, etc and it all ran me about $350.

    I was able to get my diagnostic test book, Davis Drug Guide, Careplan book for free so that helped.
  13. by   amybethf
    Quote from JoshuaC
    For two classes, my nursing fundamentals class and my A&P II class, it's going to cost me about $520! 7 books total for two classes!!!

    The bookstore on my campus is the only bookstore around that would even sell academic books, so I think a lot of people are going to have to go online, including me.
    My A & P prof told me that it is a scam at schools w/ the price gouging and "new edition" every year or two. (No Duh!) He filed a complaint within the school. My book cost me $285.00 for A&PI and since i am taking II a year later, a 'new' edition has been issued. He told me I could use the older version and should be fine! Yeah, and they are kind that u can only buy at the 'school' bookstore! What crap! How do they expect students to succeed w/ all these frivolous costs?!

    But I must say on behalf of my college that they have a policy if u finish your degree in 4 years, there will be no tuition raise. That rocks!