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I just went through about 100 RN job postings, and I would say about 86 of them said BSN required or preferred. That was kind of a wake up call... now I am re-thinking everything again.... Read More

  1. by   SaraFutureNurse?
    Me!!!! In the state where I live (Washington) there has been a real push towards BSN as opposed to ADN. The state as a whole has said that by 2018, they'd like to have 80% of registered nurses as BSN graduates. Also, I live in a small community about an hour outside of a major city, and there is one community college that offers a nursing program. It's so competitive and they only admit on a grade-basis. I've discovered that many of the four-year programs about an hour from where I live have a little more diversity in their selection of students, so I'm hoping that going the BSN route works for me.
  2. by   dt70
    I'm probably going to be stuck doing adn then RN to Bsn online then Bsn to dnp. 8 years long.
    Have low gpa from years back.
    On the plus side I already have the funds saved up for the dnp. No loans.
  3. by   HeatherMax
    No joke on the $$, I talked to one school here in VA Beach that offers the BSN program, you have to already have your pre-requisites done mind you, it is over $80,000! I can't afford that. Not now not ever!
    I understand there is a push, but with my family responsibilities, I am going to continue with the LPN first and then the LPN/BSN bridge program.
  4. by   AARONS007
    For me, going straight to BSN financially isn't an option. I'm almost finished with my prerequisites for ADN and hope to get in the program within about another year. I just passed a CNA course so my plan is this..... Start working in a hospital as a CNA, the hospitals in my area pay 100% tuition, so they are going to save me some big money, plus I'm getting experience and I'll have a job waiting for me out of school. I do plan to go back for BSN, but again, the hospital will pay tuition so again I'm saving a lot of money, it's a longer road to travel but it makes sense for me, in my financial situation.
  5. by   zoe92
    Where I live, it's all about BSNs. So I am going for that. I am also supported financially for my parents so am able to consider BSN as an option.
  6. by   ebinbrooklyn
    I am...I already have a college degree and I'm in NYC--I've been flat out warned that getting a job with an ADN will be very challenging. If I do the ADN-BSN it'll mean being in school for 4 years and only working part time, which will be a financial strain that may not be sustainable. I applied to an ADN program as a "fall back" but if they offer me money it'll be hard to say no.
  7. by   Fireman767
    I have a B.S. in another field so I am going for my BSN, however my program is an ADN. That said many of my other degrees credits go towards the BSN credits, since my B.S. is in health care management, which is about 90% of the BSN program here. So in a way when i finish my ADN ill have my BSN as well
  8. by   Medic/RN2B
    Quote from HeatherMax
    I just went through about 100 RN job postings, and I would say about 86 of them said BSN required or preferred. That was kind of a wake up call... now I am re-thinking everything again.
    A LOT of the hospitals around here are making it a condition of your mom works for a major hospital and upon hiring she had to sign a contract stating she would have her BSN within 5 years of employment date or they would terminate you...they are doing the same thing to what little LPN's they have left..get your rn within 5 years or you are gone! It was no sweat off my moms back because she was already in a BSN program...
  9. by   Kdrenee
    I'm going straight for my BSN. Yes it is more expensive, and may take a tiny bit longer than another route, but I have been in college since 2009 and I'm tired of it. I'm afraid if I don't go all the way I won't want to later on. I'm ready to start working and build my career and life.

    Eventually I will go back to get my masters, maybe PNP, but that will much later!
  10. by   cnastriving2brn
    I'm going for BSN.
  11. by   phoenixnim
    I'm going straight for the BSN for a few reasons. 1) Because I plan on going on to get my MSN-CNM degree and going straight for teh BSN saves time. 2) Because as others have said, in my area if you want any hospital job, you need the BSN. Most of the grad schools I'm looking at I need a year of RN experience first, and preferably in L&D or related field for the midwifery program.

    I'm saving costs by doing nearly all of my pre-reqs and gen eds at the community college before transferring. As a Mom and military spouse, I would assume you qualify for some reasonable financial aide packages to help. There will be loans, of course. But, to me, the money will be worth the education and getting a degree in something I'm truly passionate about.

    Also, my transfer school offers some really nice transfer and non-traditional student scholarships. It's worth looking around before just flat out saying no due to financial reasons.
  12. by   Nurse2b7337
    I'm gong for my BSN straight out!! Once I'm done with school I want to be done! I'm almost forty and I have three children at home who are teens. My s hool is expensive but I will have my BSN in 2 1/4 years!! Still shy of 4 yrs!! good luck to everyone!!
  13. by   kaydensmom01
    I'm in an ADN program, but in my area ADN's have no problem getting hired. I graduate in May and am signed up for an RN to BSN program immediately upon licensure, and it will take me the same amount of time and I will get to work while doing the BSN portion b/c its all online.