How do you relieve the stress?

  1. It feels like I have fighter jets in my stomach!!!

    Countdown to first day of school ~ 5 days
    Yesterday, I retired from my 18 yr career. Yeah for me!
    Today, I find my self nervous and excited as never before. My stomach is as tight a drum, and need to find some sort of outlet for this nervous energy. Any Ideas?
    How do you find yourself working out your stress?

    Ready to POP!!!!!!

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    I was afraid of
  5. by   gonzo1
    ride my motorcycle, get lost in a good book or TVshow or movie. Talk about it with friends. Watch a funny movie
  6. by   NaomieRN
    Prayer, exercise and reading the bible
  7. by   AggieQT
    my first response would be to go shopping!!!

    if you dont have the money then do the "good" student thing and go out to a park and start reading your text books... youll get a head start!!!
  8. by   DAMomma
    Go to a batting cage! I am not sporty at all. I hit a couple of baseballs with hubby, and I felt awesome!
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    :yeahthat: umpiron:
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    Hi Ingrid m,
    Congratulations on your retirement. Congratulations again on starting the journey to your new career.

    Well, this spring/summer I completed my 1st college semester. My method of stress relieve was eating. This of course was not a good thing. Just ask my hips! So for the Fall semester I have put an exercise plan in place, before and after classes. Along with much prayer, and "ME" time. All the best!
  11. by   goingformydream
    well.. it was eating.. and then I gained 15 lbs.. so now I have switched to exercise, eating organic foods, prayer and massage... I play my IPOD and have fun being a woman.. (vs. mom, wife, student)

  12. by   Irishowl
    Walk my dogs, rent movies, call friends who are also in school just to vent. I try to plan a fun activity every week so I have something to look forward to, and that helps alot.
  13. by   lisabeth
    I am so proud of me. I have been waking up at 4:00-4:30 and walking 3 miles in the morning and walking about 2 1/2 miles in the early evening. That has helped me have more energy in the daytime.
    Still not much improvement in sleeping better though.
  14. by   subee
    If you have a really serious stress problem (i.e. not sleeping at all or sleeping all the time) yoga is the greatest. When you are concentrating on your breathing and positioning, there's no more room in your mind to do anything else outside of the moment. Control you breathing and you control your stress level. Its a skill you can use the rest of your life to help bring you down at night or bring you up in the morning!