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How did you know you wanted to be a nurse? Was it something that you just had a calling for, or did you take a class that interested you? The reason I am asking is I am still unsure. I wanted... Read More

  1. by   mrs.henderson
    Quote from twinmommy+1
    I had a calling that I tryed in some ways not to listen to. I was always expected to never enter college (graduated high school with a 0.9 GPA, no kidding!!!) so why would I ever go to nursing school right? Well, I took a class at the VO-Tech school during high school and even worked for a small time in LTC but hated it. I was so depressed (not to mention depressed before I ever went in there) coming out of there. It felt like a warehouse for the elderly (of course you all in LTC are great, just not for me ya know).

    So I entered the military and did some training as a combat lifesaver. Then got the opportunity to take EMT classes. I loved all of that but I was afraid to actually work as an EMT after the ARMY cause I had some social phobias, low self esteem and was afraid I would hurt someone.

    After divorcing my ex and realizing I had potential, I talked to my now husband about school. I had also been diagnosed as having hypothyroidism so after starting treatment it helped my entire mentality about myself and my mood. We had three children who were ages 1 and under (a 14 month old at the time with newborn twins) and looked at it like this. Either I could work full time and have just enough money to put them in day care so I could work some more or, I could go to school with only him working and get my ADN and we would be so much better off after the suffering of finances and studying.

    Let me tell you, school has changed me soooooo much! I have confidence in myself that I never knew I had before. I started getting A's, then got invited into the honors program, became Secretary of the Honors society, President of Phi Theta Kappa (Honors soceity for Two Year Colleges), in the nursing program and now President of our Nursing Club.

    Now, I can't wait to get in and get my hands dirty and sure, I'll make mistakes. Thats expected but I hope not many. One more year now... look out... here I come!!!
    That is an amazing story. What an inspiration you are!
    Congrats on all your success!
  2. by   Gompers
    My parents are in the medical field, and it always interested me. I zeroed in on nursing after I read a book about a woman whose baby was in the NICU. The way she talked about the nurses, the utter amazement and admiration she had for them...I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

    Good luck!
  3. by   robynnelpnstudent
    Well, ever since I was a little girl and most people were playing with their barbies pretending to have families and playing house with them and whatnot, my cousin Kelly and I have been putting bandages on the dolls and stuffed animals, giving them shots, checkups, etc. So, basically, ever since I have been in elementary school, I have been preparing myself for where I am now. (An LPN student and Kelly is in school to be a Physician's Assistant.)
  4. by   Junebugfairy
    i am in nursing school..

    i have always known that i wanted to be a nurse. my mother is an rn, and when i was 5 she used to take me to the hospital with her to cheer up the patients. this was back before we had the privacy laws etc, that we have today.

    i looked at my mom, wearing her scrubs, at the bedside with patients, and i knew that it was where i belong.

    i have always been a compassionate, empathetic, and caring person.

    i can say that i have always known. i am 26 now. i had been a cna since i turned 18. nursing is not a second career, or a second choice, it is and will always be my first choice, my first and only career.
  5. by   jennafezz
    I knew when I started working at a hospital, in the accounting/payroll department.

    I know, that makes it sound like it's all about money. It's not

    Working in payroll allowed me to actually realize what a nurse does, and what their jobs are like. I interact with them on a daily basis and am able to see what they go through. Before working at a hospital, I really had no clue what a nurse did - I have never personally known one, and I was just clueless. I always knew I wanted to be in healthcare, I just didn't know which job was right for me.

    I now know all of the pathways that the nurses in my hospital can take. That is what really attracted me to the profession - the flexibility, mixed with caring for people. Nurses can go in so many directions and can change their path so easily if they don't like where they are. There are so many things on my future nursing goals list: I would love to work in the ER, in L&D, in education(!), administration, outpatient surgery...
  6. by   Hanna0225
    Quote from fairycari
    nursing is not a second career, or a second choice, it is and will always be my first choice, my first and only career.
    [font=book antiqua]grandmother, mother, and 4 aunts, 2 cousins all rn's, and younger sister just graduate from lvn school. it's in my blood, especially after i had my son (preemie) i realized i wanted to be in nicu.
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  7. by   Junebugfairy
    i agree..i swear sometimes that it truly is in your blood.. it takes a special person to be a [good] nurse!
  8. by   back2thebooks
    I have a bit of a different twist to my story...

    I have a Bachelor's Degree in something REALLLLLLY unrelated to nursing. I went on to get married and have 2 little boys--who are now (just turned) 4 and 20 months. My wheels started turning when I had my first son and I received such poor medical care from my OB and nursing staff at the hospital that I literally almost died (they told my husband to be prepared to raise his son alone). I've been told I have legal grounds to sue, but honestly, it's not worth me harboring the anger. I recovered and so did my baby. Almost 3 years later, I had another baby, under close supervision and monitoring.

    My boys were both blessed with a multitude of issues, from such severe food allergies that one had to be on prescription formula, to such a severe language delay that Autism was suspected. (I say blessed because they have made me a better person and Mother).

    My wheels kept turning.....

    I shadowed a girlfriend of mine who is a CRNA in the OR---that sealed the deal. Yes, she is an advance practice nurse, but in general, I just felt something I have never felt before. First, I felt a side of me which I have never felt---my heart was aching to HELP these people in some way. Also, I saw nurses in a whole new light (remember my previous experience)---they were kind, willing to help and S M A R T. I love that!

    BTW--The Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician sat in awe last April as she re-evaluated my son who they thought may be autistic. She literally said "Amazing" about 10 times. My son has fully recovered from his language delay and is completely conventional (I dislike the word 'normal'--what is normal, anyway!?). No Autism, not even a language delay any more. Praise God!!!!!

    There you have it.
  9. by   misslisa
    My Godson, whom lived with me from birth to 3 years, was hospitalized with a severe UTI when he was 14 months. He recieved great care and I really admired the nurses who we got to know during his 2 week stay. That was 16 years ago when I was 20. Before I married and had 3 beautiful children - stayed home with them...eventually, slowly reintorduced myself back into school. MAN!!! I LOVE SCHOOL!!! I have fully enjoyed my science classes...A&P was amazing - loved it - the body is truly amazing.
    I'm waiting for my (hopefully) acceptance letter to NS for the spring 09.
    I believe God has directed me to this career - it just feels so right.