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My school began reviewing applications this morning, and when I got home from the grocery store a minute ago and opened up my e-mail, I found out I have been accepted to USF's accelerated BSN program... Read More

  1. by   OgopogoLPN
  2. by   LUXOR21
    Great news! I wish my school would email me. The wait is killing me. I stalk the mailman!
  3. by   mcbrdrb
    hello...i was worried when i only received an email congratulating me on getting accepted to usf accelerated spring 2008 class. that was last wednesday and i have held back celebrating because i thought an email was not proof enough for me. typical "doubting thomas" complex that i have. today i finally got the letter/packet in the mail! tomorrow is my bday so my gf and i are really going to be celebrating!!!!
    reading your trial and tribulations has been very helpful!!!it has opened my eyes to what is in store for me @ usf. i currently live in gainesville where i went to undergrad at uf but i wanted a diff scene, so i attended the information session at usf and loved the campus and the people i met there. i applied early and waited patiently. my packet that i received today gave me an orientation date of nov 15. so from what i have gathered i actually choose a clinical site for the entire 15months? i have a strong interest in becoming a crna. any suggestions? its been a long road for me and i want to get the most out of my 15months! do you have any general advice for a new usf con student?

    whats a good clinical site to choose. i would like to find a place to live around campus. not sure if that is considered east tampa or west? i saw the hospitals on bruce b downs hgwy during my visit. i gather some locations are far from school? my girlfriend and i will go exploring next weekend.

    what about the grad level classes i can take path,pharm,ethiscs? during my info session i was told not many accelerated students take the grad level classes because they were more difficult?

    hope all works out with your classes dilema regarding your last summer semester. we agree with you why postpone your graduation!

    my gf will be applying to the same program next year.
    go bulls!
    we are both sick of being gators!!!!

    robert / linnet
  4. by   sirI
    Hello and welcome to, mcbrdrb

    Good to have you. Good luck with your nursing career!!!!!
  5. by   kat von b
    congratulations!!!! i wish all schools replied that fast, they dont even look for a few more months where i'm applying.
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    Yea at first I was not very happy with the email notification because I was expecting a notice in the mail... Like I said I did not take it seriously until the letter arrived a few days later.
    From this website I have learned I have to pick a clinical site on my orientation day which id in 2 weeks. I am not familure with the Tampa area hospitals so this is making me very nervous! Ihope to get some advice from my fellow USF ABSN students. I want to spend as little time commuting as possible and plan on living near my schools campus...Iquess?

    I wish you all the best and hope you all get in.
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    congrats and good luck to you and I wish you all the best.