Final exams over, how did u do?

  1. This semester I got 2 (A's) and 2 (B's). Now it's all BIO classes until I apply to the ADN program Fall 2014. I wish my school started Nursing courses in the Fall and the Spring :-( But congrats to all. Let's continue future Nurses.
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  3. by   Boxer Mama
    I ended up with an A in micro and an A in French. I am all done with my science courses (), and taking algebra, statistics and nutrition next semester to finish up my classes. Enjoy the winter break!!!
  4. by   EJ_81
    A in Eng 1102 still waiting for Psych 2103, but I'm expecting at least a B.

  5. by   mytwoboysmom
    "A" in Humanities, "A" in American History, "A" in Chem II lab, "B" in Chem II Lecture, and a "B" in Statistics.

    Next semester Micro Bio, World History, and Pol Science(yuck) then no more pre-reqs!!!! :-D
  6. by   ShannonBerry11
    A in A&PII lab, A in A&PII lecture, A in an art history class I'm retaking from my previous degree (to boost my GPA), A in micro lab, and I have yet to take my micro lecture final! Expecting a B, though.

    I'm done with pre-reqs, but my program doesn't start until Fall 2013. Such a long wait! Good luck, everyone!
  7. by   Alisonisayoshi
    A in Clinical Nutrition B in Algebra A in Cultural Anthropology A in Spanish but a stupid C in public speaking I've been frantically emailing the instructor trying to get the C raised to a B lol
  8. by   mhz1973
    Final semester of prereqs yay!!
    Micro: exam 94%, final grade 93.1%
    Lab: exam 76%, unknown report 100%, final grade 92%
    Stats: NO final exam, group project instead 95.5%, final grade 95%.

    A, A, A!!
  9. by   LVN/RNBridge
    I finished with an A in micro with lab. This was my last class needed. Yeah!!!

    Starting my LVN-RN program January 18th. Can't wait!!
  10. by   cee cee g
    Don't feel bad about public speaking, my English Professor told me that she also got a "C" in public speaking because when she was a young adult she was very shy and people would pick on her because of her accent. You are doing great and good luck to you. :-)
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  11. by   Exhaustipated
    A in PSYC 2103/Human Development, A in Microbiology Lab, final exam is tomorrow morning for Microbiology lecture. I need at least a 76% on the final to get an A. Studying now.

    Next semester: Human Pathophysiology and Intro to Humanities. I apply for my program in January, take the test in March, find out acceptance or rejection in April, and hopefully start in August!
  12. by   futureexpectations
    I got all A's. I took AP 1 and 2 and Chem. 4.0 in my sciences (including micro). Ready to apply for fall 2013
  13. by   SweetCorn
    It feels really weird to be reading something other than A&P flashcards right now!

    Easy A's aside from A&P I. Needed 157/200 on final, got 189.
    Kind of wishing did chem and a&p in the same year as I believe I could have pulled it off with good grades.
    Congrats to those finishing any classes.
  14. by   samsilva
    ShannonBerry11 your schedule is almost identical to my Spring schedule! I am taking A&P II Lab and Lecture, Micro Lab and Lecture, and retaking an art history class to boost my GPA (I had my daughter that semester and things did not go as I had planned).

    Any tips for A&PII lab? My A&PI lab was the only class I recieved a B in this past semester, even though I worked hard I just didn't have a solid plan for tackling it. What helped you get an A?