Feeling Down... About Failing

  1. So, I'm having a rough night... I just got back my 3rd physiology exam and I'm officially failing the class (w/ only one lab practical, a final exam and lab report/quiz grade left)... I just can't get it no matter how long I study and rewrite notes, make the flash cards, follow the objectives, etc. it's just not clicking at all for me... I feel hopeless -- physiology just plain old sucks. I'm trying to find the will to keep plugging along w/ this class, but it's weighing heavy on my mind that for the first time in my academic career I'm probably going to have to retake this class in the summer... I work full time during the day so I'd be taking this four nights a week second summer session... Which will end about 2-3 weeks before I start the nursing program. My family doesn't understand and I feel like everyone thinks I'm stupid and that this dream is so far fetched... "how can you possibly think you'll make it through nursing school if you can't even pass a physiology class (my only class this semester)," was basically in nicer words what I was getting from some of them tonight. I guess I feel the doubts, that I can actually accomplish this goal, creeping in. I'm struggling so bad w/ this class... I'm not one to just give up, but tonight it's really hard to see the positives in all this..

    I guess I was just looking to see if anyone has ever been in the same boat I'm in?!? I feel really alone in having to take this class again. My morale is at an all time low... Anyone have a positive story to share about having to retake a class and it turning out o.k.??

    ~ down and out in physiology land...
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  3. by   meluhn
    Why not try retaking it with another professor and maybe get some tutoring? Some profs are harder than others and all of them have different teaching styles. Just a thought.
  4. by   hikernurse
    Blue, physiology is not easy. You're working full time and going to school (and don't dismiss your schoolwork even though you're "only" taking one class); that's a lot going on.

    The first time I took Anatomy, I wasn't working, but I did have a family. I stuck with it until I knew I had no chance of passing and then dropped it. None of it made sense; I felt like a failure--and a glaring stupid one at that. I took a few months off and retook the class at a different school. I got an A. What I'm trying to say is that one bad experience set me back a little, but did not ultimately change my goal. I'm an RN, working in the unit I wanted to work at and thankful every day that I can.

    Keep your chin up; in the long run it will be OK. Give taking a short break some thought; physiology is a lot to learn a lot at once. I bet after not thinking about it for a while, it will make a lot more sense.

    Hugs to you. I know you're terribly disappointed and frustrated with yourself, but this doesn't change who you are. You are the one who gets to choose your professional goals, not your family. Try not to let them get to you--I know that's not easy. And one day when you're coming home, tired at the end of a 12 hour nursing shift, post an encouraging note to someone who is still hoping to get where you are. You'll get there, sweetie. Just hang on .
  5. by   hikernurse
    Quote from meluhn
    Why not try retaking it with another professor and maybe get some tutoring? Some profs are harder than others and all of them have different teaching styles. Just a thought.
    We were posting at the same time . This is a great point. My physiology teacher rocked. She thought the whole subject was fascinating and boy, did it show. My friends who had other teachers had a harder time--although honestly, the tests my class took were harder--because their teachers weren't so darn enthusiastic about the subject .
  6. by   Blessed2009
    I had taken Anatomy some years back and I did not get a good grade. When I took the second time I was able to get an excellent grade. I committed a minimum of 2 hours a night to studying the material. I also committed my whole weekend to studying. I did this while working fulltime. Do not be discouraged, you can do it. Good Luck!
  7. by   Diver Dude
    I am also struggling in Physio. I am riding the border of B and C. First midterm B, second, C, third.. took today and it will be a toss up between B and C. Sometimes you just know.... sigh. I'm working my butt off in this class. I was able to pull a strong B in Anatomy, but Physio is much tougher for me. I'm praying for the miracle B on this exam... burn some incense for me gang!

    By the way, over half the class has dropped, and many are there for the second round... so don't worry about remediating if you have to. I'm 43 with a full time job, kids, and I'm taking another class on top... sometimes it's a big downer, but when you cross the finish line, it's worth it! If there's a will, there's a way! Do it!
  8. by   AriaRN
    Ive been here...
    Last semester I took A&P 1. I barely got a C. I was depressed and miserable about the way my grades were turning out. I just did not understand my professors lectures. I tried to study but it did no good. So after feeling like a failure, I registered to take it a second time this semester. I have an A. I didnt think that i could ever do this well. If you are not passing by the end of the semester, by all means TAKE IT DURING THE SUMMER. You will be surprised at how much you retained. And please dont let any ones words deter you you from reaching your goals. Use there words as "ammunition" to keep you motivated. PROVE THEM WRONG! By the way, from the sound of it you have already been accepted to your program, Congrats . Sometimes it takes a second time for it all to sink in. Good luck
  9. by   Ms Future Nursie
    I know how hard it can be...please don't give up on your dream b/c you're struggling! you've got to keep on trucking! I promise that one day it will just click for you! I have been where you are and now I have an "A" in A&P. Have you tried getting extra books to help you? I bought A&P the Easy Way, Barron's flashcards & Complete Idiot's Guide to A&P. I also go to you tube and look up animation videos that students have made to help me understand the processes....
  10. by   blueowl222
    So, I know it's been a long time since I originally posted this message. April.. Wow! In the life of a student that's what like 100 yrs. I just wanted to thank you all SO MUCH for the encouragement and for sharing with me your personal triumphs over retaking a course. I figured since I started the thread and was all down and out when I did it... I'd post the positive outcome (as encouragement for anyone else who's failed/failing a course and debating the merits of sticking it out or retaking it completely). I did end up with a D (my 1st ever) in the Spring physiology course. However, I just completed retaking the course second summer session (finished last Thurs. received the grade today)... I received an A :0). The course was like night and day (as some of you had predicted). I studied harder than I thought humanly possible and things just started to click and make sense. I start nursing school in two weeks and I've got a whole different perspective (than the one I had back in April) and I think some of that has to do w/ starting fresh and retaking the course.

    Sorry for the long post... I just thought since you all were so kind, helpful and supportive you should know your advice and encouragement helped this student nurse out tremendously!!! Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the summer, etc.
  11. by   work&play
    I'm taking Anatomy for the second time, the first one is 12 years old, I just picked up the book and noticed everything I learned the first time came back right of way. I took physiology in the Summer and I was helping the teacher lecture the class.

    I'm atually looking forward to the Fall. I just can't believe, I still remember.

    Thanks for the update and good luck in nursing school!