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Just wondering if anyone else is applying for this term. I thought their deadline was Dec.15 but it's actually Oct.15. Good thing I called...I was planning on waiting for this semester grades to... Read More

  1. by   nikpik2212
    Hey, I was thinking of doing the MSN thing, but I was told by a prof who has her MD to go with UMDNJ. Something about they don't require a test, that a lot of other places do...She said to start looking into it about 6 mths into our program at Drexel.
  2. by   LUNISE
    Hey Guys,
    Can I say time has really flew since I got my acceptance letter back in November of last year. Yesterday I found an apartment and put a deposit down. I'll be calling Mt.Airy home for the next year. I am extremely excited....I love my place and cant wait to experience all 4 seasons.

    So what have everyone been doing this past summer? I just got back to the states from Canada which was very relaxing and I cant wait to move into my place and start decorating and experience a new city.

    Charley where are you? Devon? others? Are you guys still going to Drexel?

    We should plan a meet up for drinks or some food(would like to eat a philly cheesesteak)...maybe closer to the comencement of school? Maybe a week b4 classes start? I'm just throwing out a suggestion. Later..
  3. by   LUNISE
  4. by   turbohound
    Hi Everyone,

    I'm trying to get into Drexel's ACE program for Spring 07, and was wondering what it took (GPA, etc) for you successful candidates to make it. I'm an MBA/CPA looking to change careers into nursing, and I have a 3.3 overall gpa, 3.6 in the sciences, and all I'm missing for Drexel's pre-reqs are a second English Comp class, and Ethics. This may sound childish, but I would really appreciate any kind of opinion from you guys on my chances of getting in.

    I'm also a CNA, and I want so much to be a nurse. But the schools here in California are mostly lottery admission with preference given to local residents, and I've become so discouraged at ever making it.

    There, that's my vent/plea. Hope to hear from you.