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So, I had an online chat today with the admission person at UNC - Chapel Hill. There were about 10 people in the chat room asking various questions. Well, up until today, I thought they were... Read More

  1. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Once again, no letter...:angryfire
  2. by   Crux1024
    Quote from UNCNurseWannaB
    Once again, no letter...:angryfire
    Maybe you can call the admissions office??
  3. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Just called the admissions office, and they said the letters were mailed last week (to the correct address I might add) and I just need to be patient. lol. This tickles me.

    They said if I don't hear by next week they will re-mail it. Maybe TODAY is the DAY!
  4. by   justme1972
    You need to CALL them. I found out at my school, even before I took the TEAS that alot of girls started saying that they had already been accepted.

    I called admissions and they said, "NO! NO! NO!...This happens every year....their APPLICATION has been accepted and they have been approved to take the TEAS test, but no one has been accepted to the nursing program for this Fall."

    So, some people are only accepted in their own you need to call.
  5. by   rnmomtobe2010
    Now you have me curios for you girl. What is taking so long?
  6. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Another day, another empty mail box. That is 7 business days since they mailed it from 2 hours down the road... **twiddling thumbs**

    Thanks for all of the support guys - your the BEST!
  7. by   prinsessa
    I hope you get your letter soon! I know how hard waiting is. I am on a waiting list and I won't find out if I get in for sure until August. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
  8. by   UNCNurseWannaB
    Good Luck prinsessa, I was on the waiting list for medical school last year, and it nearly killed me. Best of LUCK!
  9. by   prinsessa
    Thanks....I just keep telling myself that I didn't get in so I don't get my hopes up too high. I already have a plan B for the fall if I don't get in.
  10. by   Cherish
    Hey UNC...your down the road from me I'm less than 10 minutes from Chapel Hill. Hope you got your letter. I know how the wait is I waited almost 6 months for mine.

    Keep us posted!