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Hey everyone just wondering if anyone knows someone or has thmeselves waited more than a year to get into a nursing program? could you reapply and get in faster? if you did wait what did you do... Read More

  1. by   mishayla96
    Hi all. I live in Gainesville, FL. and I am going to be applying for the RN program at the C.C. here once I get my prereq's done with a grade of C or higher (or at least 5 of the 6 anyway...what you have to have completed to apply). Lucky for me there is no waiting period however they only take the top 120 people that apply and it is based on a points system. Points are awarded in the areas such as *GPA in prerequisite course work (they are A&P 1/A&P 1 lab, Microbiology, Mathmatics (college algebra or statistics), General Psychology, English, and a Humanities or Fine Arts class) This is a max of 30 points. *Then you have cognate courses (Anatomy & Physiology II & Lab, Nutrition, and Developmental Psychology.) Thats a total of 15 points there. Then they have what they call course background classes that are not required but they suggest that you take (such as Intro to Computers), there are 6 to chose from, a total of 5 with C or above will give you 10 points. *Work Experience-they count volunteer work as well abd also membership in the Florida Student Nurse Association) this is a possible max of 15 points. *Lastly we have a critical thinking test that we have to take and you can get a max of 15 points depending on your score. They take applications once a year in the Fall (this year the deadline is May 31) and since I am not even starting until March my goal is to just do really good on all the above and then apply next time around for the program. Anyone can tell me if thats a bad idea... Sorry to have been so long winded but thats how my school works.