Does anyone do Medical Transcription?

  1. I am taking my pre-req's for nursing school and I had a baby last month. I will need to return to work in 6 months or so but I can't see myself going back to my old job. With the commute I would be away from home for at least 12 hours per day. I really don't want to be away from my baby that long. I also wouldn't have much time to go to school. I have heard of people doing MT from home and I have some experience as a secretary. I found a course offered by M-TEC but it cost over $3k and I don't want to pay that much for the course if I am not going to get work and make money. If anyone is a medical transcriptionist or took the course through M-TEC please give me some adivice. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to share in this thread.
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  3. by   Nashima
    Hi Falon.
    I'm not a Medical Transcriptionist, but am also interested in taking a course. I found that Gatlin Education offers online courses through local colleges and universities via the web. For instance, the online course offered through my local university would cost $1,395 ... alot less that the price you've been quoted!

    Check out Gatlin at

    And if there is anything out there with transcription information, please post. I would love to hear more about this profession.
  4. by   maureenlynn
    I was a medical transcription editor for about a year and a half. I worked from home for about six months. I took an MT course through PCDI. They are an at-home study program that was very affordable. You can check them out at Good luck and congratulations on the new baby!!!!
  5. by   smilin_gp
    I was an MT through most of school, I actually started with a small hospital trascription department in a night clerk position, I worked my butt off and showed that I had decent grammar skills and a working knowledge of medical terminology. They trained me-while I was getting paid! When they were outsourced to a national company- the new company allowed me to take their transcription test despite my lack of certification, and I passed. I was then able to work part time from home. I'm just posting this to show that there are different ways to get into transcription if you think outside the box.
  6. by   Starre
    Hi. I have been a transcriptionist for about six years now. I started out by taking an online course through Education Direct. I wanted to warn you that, unless you have in house experience in a hospital or Dr. office you will find it hard to get a job through an online resource. I ended up working for an marketing IT company, which I love, but could not find a job in the medical transcription field because of my lack of in house experience. So, even though I graduated from the online course and passed all of the testing that the emplorers required I was still passed over for jobs. Good luck and congrats on the baby.
  7. by   dvas00
    I've been an MT for nearly 10 years. I work at home for a large clinic and in the past worked at home for a hospital. My husband also does transcription and he took the M-TEC course -- I do feel they prepare you well to work. It' is very difficult to find a job without any experience, but once you find someone who is willing to hire you for that first job, you wouldn't have any problems whatsoever finding work. My job is (right now) perfect for me, since I work at home and have flexible hours, good benefits and pay.

    Good luck!
  8. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I am also in MT school. I did the work-study program and only paid $350. I think they also do payment programs. Even if I don't actually work as an MT when I graduate from there, it has helped me sooo much with my nursing. If you want to check it out, it's
  9. by   luvmy3kids
    Hi there! My mom is a medical transcriptionist (has been for a long time)... she works from home and seems to enjoy it (although she is getting excited to retire)...
    Anyway, something to check on is the fact that some MT's are being phased out due to newer technology and such... (just like court reporters)...
    My mom works for HealthPartners and they have just recently laid off about 200 MT's because of cutbacks and such.....
    Just something to think about...
    Good luck with whatever you decide!!!
  10. by   ERvik
    I'm an independent MT and find it works really well with going to school. I went through PCDI too and even though it wasn't the best schooling I could have gotten, I think experience is the best teacher. I started out working under another MT who could proof my work and answer questions. I got really lucky, when the MT I was working with moved away, I picked up her clients who are private practice doctors. The toughest part about getting started is that word of mouth is everything, at least in my area. Someone else mentioned that transcription is being phased out and I definately agree, that's why I'm going into nursing. But it is a great flexible job while you're in school, and if you can be independent the money is great. Good luck.
  11. by   matsgrl
    I was an MT for 8 years. Some through hospitals, clinics - some thru home. I hated it. My butt got big and I grew to despise it. It's not as easy as some people make it sound - you have to listen to what is being said so it's really not that easy to do with little kids running around. Especially when you get paid by how much you produce. To each their own - I'm glad I got out.
  12. by   cajjj
    I have been transcribing for a national company for almost five years now. They are a national that does hire newly trained MT's. This has been my first MT job. It has been nice to be able work from home with my children who are now school age and I am thankful that I was able to, but it is definitely NOT as easy as it sounds. Like the above post, when you are working and trying to make production when you have children with you it can be quite a task and quite stressful. I was ready when it was time for my boys to go back to school after this past summer break is all I can say. Just as the others mentioned, transcription is slowly being phased out. Currently the company I work for is already using the Speech Recognition technology on some reports and we do something on those jobs called medical editing. The future of the field is so uncertain that I feel like going back and finishing my nursing degree (still trying to get readmitted into a nursing school right now) would be a wise thing to do.
    Also, like the above post, I am tired of just sitting and typing. The medical aspect is interesting, but I am really ready to be up and about and involved in the health care field in a different aspect.
    There are some nursing jobs like telephone triage that allow you to work from home right?
  13. by   yellowtulip2004
    I am a RN and am also interested in working from home. I have not taken a medical transcription course, but have been interested in doing this anyway. There is a website (with forum) which Michele Miller has which is . She did not take a MT course and has been working at home for quite a while and staying mega busy. She does not advocate taking a transcripton course.

    I went to my local college to actually register for their non-credit MT course and they asked me to teach it. I said...what? I ended up teaching it somehow. I learned a lot myself....but they are certified and not me. That was wild!

    I was also looking in another forum on here and someone said there was a company in New York which hires new MT's and I don't think you need a class to work for them. Also Mediquest hires new MT's. They have you take a short test online and then proceed from there.

    Hope this helps. Do you know of any other work-at-home nursing positions. I contract with a company CHCS out of Florida (I live in VA) and do in-home assessments for them. They are a third party adminstrator and contract with insurance companies. I really want to stay at home and do some type of nursing - which is non-traditional of course.
  14. by   nursekatie22
    No, but I always thought it'd be fun!