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  1. yellowtulip2004

    CEU's in Virginia

    Where is the best online site to register for RN-CEU's for Virginia? Thank you,
  2. yellowtulip2004

    CEU's in Virginia

    Any ideas for CEUs in Virginia? Would online CEUs be effective? Interested in what other nurses have taken and where? Thank you,
  3. yellowtulip2004

    Geriatric Case Mangement

    I am interested in additional education to become a Geriatric Case Manager. Do I have to have a BSN first? I currently have an ADN degree. Any online courses which will prepare me for this journey? Are there any other "employment opportunities" assisting geriatric clients in their homes? Any ideas for new entrepreneur employment opportunities in this area? Any additional information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
  4. yellowtulip2004

    Work-from-home RN

    I am interested in additional employment (work-from-home) as a RN. I am interested in geriatric case management, insurance company employment, or assisting Seniors with their insurance paperwork I'm more of a paperwork RN. Any thoughts? Best insurance companies to work with? Other types of work-from-home employment (not telephonic or QI) though, links to interesting employment sites. Thank you.
  5. yellowtulip2004

    The death of nursing

    Thank you for all of your years of service. I, too, am a RN and in my fifties. I don't want to go back to get a BSN either. What are some work-from-home nursing employment opportunities that one might do now? I'm not into telephone triage. Thank you.
  6. yellowtulip2004

    Nurse Trek

    Does anyone have experience working for Nurse Trek? If so, can you please comment on your interactions with them? I see they are advertising for case managers throughout a variety of areas. Thank you.
  7. yellowtulip2004

    At Home Care

    Does anyone have any review information regarding employment for At Home Care. Thank you.
  8. I am an RN and have been working with the senior population in various capacities over the past decade. I would like to start a work from home business whereby I would go into their home and do an in-home assessment and evaluate their over all care needs. I would like to make recommendations for DME, in-home care services, safety concerns, connect them with care providers and monitor their status on an ongoing needs basis. I know there are wonderful, business individuals on this site. Could you please private message me and direct me as to how to initiate such a business and getting it going. I would appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  9. yellowtulip2004

    Insurance Nursing Employment

    Does anyone know of any "insurance nursing" employment opportunities or have any contacts for possibilities? I have been doing LTC insurance assessments for the past six years (enjoy it) but need to obtain additional work-from-home. As we all know, health insurance is mandatory by 2014 and IC's do not have those benefits. How does one break into the field of Worker's Compensation? Health Insurance? Where would I start with certifications, etc.? Would it be possible to work from home? I really need some help from some of you seasoned insurance nurses to further my attempts in obtaining additional employment. Also, it would be great if we could have a specialty "Insurance Nursing" as a forum. Thanks everyone. Blessings
  10. yellowtulip2004

    I need a job!! ANY job!

    I understand what you are saying. I even stopped by McDonalds to see about a job. I graduated from RN school in 1999 (as an older grad) and feel that my age at present is a factor, even though it is not susposed to be. Also, I didn't work in the hospital after graduation, so I don't have the hospital experience often requested. I really want to teach and do a good job at it, just can't find anything local to do. Has anyone found anything to do per the internet?
  11. yellowtulip2004

    Any entreprenurial nurses out there?

    I have been very interested in starting my own home based business. I seem to be interested in the insurance industry, but really don't know how to get it off the ground. I'd accept any advice someone could send my way. Thank you.
  12. yellowtulip2004

    Nurse assessor for Nation's CareLink

    Please PM me and I can answer some of your questions. Thanks
  13. yellowtulip2004

    SANE training

    Does anyone know of any SANE program near Charlottesville, VA. Thanks, vc
  14. yellowtulip2004

    indepenent nurse assessor

    Can you PM me regarding your post. Thank you.
  15. yellowtulip2004

    Portamedic Position?

    Does anyone have any updated information on paramedical exams for the current year 2010? I may be interested in doing some additional work in this field. Thank you.
  16. yellowtulip2004

    Geriatric Case Management Certification

    Does anyone have any advice for me on how/where to obtain a Geriatric Case Management Certification? Thank you,