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Working as a contract nurse....

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Happy Summer Everyone,

I currently work for some companies which hire nurses to do in-home long term care insurance assessments. It's great! I did eight assessments last week - travelled quite a bit, am tired, but had a GREAT time working and meeting clients.

Does anyone know of other companies which might hire nurses to do these insurance exams? I currently contract with three companies and plan on joining another this week. I'd love to make this a routine part-time employment opportunity.

It took me hours and days to locate the companies on the internet that I currently work for. These companies work with the insurance companies (I do not) and they contract with the nurses to perform the assessments. I simply evaluate the client's ADL's/IADL's, take hgt, wgt, BP and process a lot of paperwork. It's nursing, but it's not nursing in a way. I do love it.

Hope someone has some new company/agency names to share. I'll share the names of companies I currently work for also.

Thanks so much, Vinda

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PickMePlze has 4 years experience and specializes in med surg, tele, ortho, preop, recovery.

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Hi, I don't know of any companies, but I'd love to learn more about what you do. Would you mind sharing?

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