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Tape or digital. What has your experience been? I'm thinking I might need one, but is it one of those things, I think I need, but really don't? If so which kind do you recommend? Pros and cons?... Read More

  1. by   WDWpixieRN
    I bought an Olympus that can be downloaded to my PC, but I forgot to ask today if it's okay to use it!! I did see someone else walking around with one taping our tour, so I'm guessing it's going to be okay. Fortunately, we were able to buy a pack of our PowerPoints, so that combined with taping lectures should be a BIG help in not missing key points!
  2. by   KungFuFtr
    They're awesome!
    I purchased an Olympus at target for $60.00. Make sure you get one with a usb cable. You then can upload files onto your computer and burn your notes to disk. I had played my micro lectures w/media player on continuous loop during bedtime. I figured I might as well study subliminaly during my sleep. I got an A.
  3. by   LMRN10
    It certainly couldn't hurt!! I think I might bring one when I begin the actual Nursing classes. I should have brought one to some of the science classes but never did. But definitely, if you feel like you sometimes forget things in the class or can't seem to write notes fast enough...bring one!!
  4. by   Christinmomof3nrs2be
    LOL KungFuFtr! I might have to try that :rofl! I went ahead and bought one! So well see how it goes.
  5. by   KungFuFtr
    Quote from Christinmomof3nrs2be
    LOL KungFuFtr! I might have to try that :rofl! I went ahead and bought one! So well see how it goes.
    I figured if I can get horrible music like Kevin Federline stuck in my head:Melody: ; perhaps I can replace it with something resourcefull!

    There is a freeware program on that has an mp3 converter entitled "free cd to mp3 freeware".

    With it you can decrease the bitrate on the recording and compress the files to mps, provided you have an mp3 player in your car.
    OR without
    You can record the lectures in 45 minute segments; so you'll be able to fit the lecture on a regular cd.
  6. by   BaByLoVeR18
    Hey everyone. I was told that I should get a recorder for my Microbiology class because it is very helpful and it will help me remember. I'm a little scared about the writing notes bit because I wouldn't know exactly what to write or if I wrote down something that wasn't important. I'm confused about the whole situation.
  7. by   Dabuggy
    Then the recorder is a good thing for you. Most of the material will be in your book. The recorder will help you go home and rewrite your notes. With a recorder and rewriting your notes you can skip all the filler words like to,for, it etc and concentrate of the big stuff. Later if you want you can place skipped words in. With the recorder you don't have to worry about writing everything. This gives you a chance to look at what he/she is talking about.

  8. by   BaByLoVeR18
    Thanx for your advice Dabuggy. Sounds like a recorder would help me out alot. Thanx again.
  9. by   JoeyDog
    I will be using my husbands Olympus digital recorder, I have no idea about the differences as he researched them when he was in nursing school. I do know that his digital recorder is pretty small so it is convient, it is pocket sized.

    Anyhow I have never recorded any of my lectures but fall qtr I will be taking o-chem with a&p 1 so I think it will be beneficial (sp). My husband recorded lectures and then listened to them while he was driving (instead of the radio), surfing the net, cleaning house, or whatever. He thought it was helpful b/c he said you can really hear when the instructor is stressing a point. He liked it b/c it is portable so you can listen to it when you want, and it reduced the ammt of notes he needed to take in nursing school. Hope that helps a little!
  10. by   paccookie
    Quote from Christinmomof3nrs2be
    The reason I was thinking digital over tape, was b/c those tapes add up quickly $$. The digital ones, I believe I can downlaod them onto my laptop (Is that correct). I thought I'd keep all those tapes, to review for the finals. When I started looking at the prices of those tapes, the price would be the same in no time. What do you think? I start Tues. Should I run and get one tom. or wait a week or 2 to see if I need it, before spending the money?
    Thanks in advance!
    Yes, you can download to your laptop (something I need to do now before I forget again!). You can also put them on an ipod, if you have one (or if you have the space on yours...). I would go ahead and get one now if you can. I got the Olympus Digital at my school's bookstore. It did cost more than it would at walmart, but I needed it right away, not two weeks later when my refund was deposited. Definitely get the digital version, not the ones that use tapes. And buy extra batteries!
  11. by   jcox121
    you may want to see if your school allows recording of lectures before you go out and purchase one. my school only does if you have written permission from the instructor so that " no one has an advantage over any other student". hey, i'm not stopping anyone from buying one!!
  12. by   mommy2three2
    I have one of the more expensive Olympus recorders that holds 23 some hrs and has 5 different folders. I can download it onto my computer and even convert into WAV format (it records in DSS). All I know is that it will be getting one heck of a workout come January
  13. by   CracklinRose
    Mommy, can you give a little more detail on which digital you have? I would certainly appreciate it.....I go the ok to record my classes and would to be able to transfer them my Mac.