Direct Entry MSN or ABSN without chemistry?

  1. Do you guys know of any direct entry Masters in Nursing programs (or accelerated bachelor's in nursing programs) that don't require chemistry or that allow a C- in chemistry.

    My google search is being difficult because it won't acknowledge the minus and keeps giving me schools that say you need a C or better.

    So far all I could come up with is:
    Yale (no prerequisites)
    Johns Hopkins
    University of Rochester
    Regis (ABSN)
    Virginia Commonwealth (ABSN)

    Could you guys help me find more? Please!
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  3. by   2BRN123
    Why don't you just retake the chemistry?
  4. by   duskyjewel
    Is it wrong of me to think that one should not be able to get into advanced degree nursing programs without being able to understand Chemistry? I mean, come one seem to just want what you want without thinking about the very real and valid reasons those requirements are there.

    I agree with the last poster. Re-take Chemistry.
  5. by   NightNerd
    Depending on the school, they might not really care about the minus part. I would apply anyway - IF I couldn't re-take the class.

    But there is no shame in re-taking a difficult course like that; most of my friends going into nursing school had to re-take at least one of the sciences. I would honestly take the time to do it over, and allocate a piece of my personal statement to explain what happened the first time, if applicable (e.g., "My mom was sick this semester and I was taking care of her, so I had a hard time keeping up with the Chemistry class").

    I will say that the kinds of programs you are looking for are probably less forgiving than the ADN programs. Maybe you could look into some of those?
  6. by   BostonFNP
    While some of those programs listed my not require it, they are extremely competitive, so having a C- might make admissions difficult.

    If you are planning on NP at some point you will need a strong enough chem background to pass adv pharm.
  7. by   the healer's art
    Thanks for the feedback. I did take an organic chemistry course without taking basic chemistry first so that is why I have the C-.
  8. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Our Master's Entry program at the University of Virginia does not require chemistry. We only require Human A&P, Lifespan Development, and statistics.