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I'll be starting nursing school in June of 2007 (U. of Colorado Health Sciences Center.) Anyone have any suggestions on what to ask for at Christmas this year, in order to save myself a little money?... Read More

  1. by   fleur-de-lis
    Unless you are already real good at heart and lung sounds, I recommend splurging on one of the better steths. I initially got a cheaper one with two tubes, which some people like, but the tubing rubs together and can muffle the sounds. So I got a Littman (single tube). I forget what model, not the top of the line cardiology one, but mine was about $80. Good investment!

    Other great gift suggestions, a 2007 nursing drug book, a medical dictionary, NCLEX review books (I know it seems premature, but they are great for studying for exams also, some instructors take their questions right out of them!). Be sure you ask for the right version of the NCLEX (RN or LVN). A good nursing care plan book will save you ALOT of heartache. Subscriptions to Nursing2006, Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, etc. are good ideas and some schools require them. If I was buying for a to-be-student and low on cash I'd get a basket and fill with hilighters, pens, penlights, notebooks, printer paper, etc. You have no idea how good it is to have extras on hand when you run out the night before a big Med-Surg test! Most schools require a white lab coat, but some might specify short or long, so might be a risky buy unless you know where you're going. Good nursing shoes are a must, two pairs if you have clinicals on two days a week to let the other air out, and you will be steppin in yucky stuff you'll wanna wash! That's all I can think of right now!
  2. by   WDWpixieRN
    I think missnina covers a lot in her reply....the one thing that came to my mind (and which I've told my family I'd like this year) is the GC to Amazon....I have ordered a number of things through there both before and during this first semester and there are constantly new things coming up which I would like to order...being on a budget sometimes prohibits my spending!!

    Lots of great suggestions above!!

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes in school!!
  3. by   JaxiaKiley
    I just want to bump this to see if anyone else has any ideas.
  4. by   marilynmom
    Quote from line just line
    On that note, can anyone recommend a good stethescope? I know there are loads of posts on it else where, but while we're on the subject...

    If you can afford or (or have someone buy you one) I would recommend the Littman Cardio III. That is what I have and it is fantastic (but expensive, but worth it). I had a cheap one and my first day of clinicals I couldn't even hear bowel sounds with it.
  5. by   marilynmom
    *GOOD quality stethoscope (I have the Littman Cardio III and love it), you are really going to be using this, it is so worth it to get a good one right off the bat IMO. You really do get what you pay for. I had a cheap one and couldn't even hear bowel sounds, let alone heart sounds with it.

    *Pen lights

    *Clipboard with a calculator and storage inside

    *Good bookbag (nursing books are very thick and heavy)

    *Gift cards to Starbucks

    *Saunders NCLEX book

    *GOOD shoes

    *Davis drug guide

    *PDA (I dont have one but plan on getting one next month)
  6. by   Carebear77
    subbing to this thread. Lots of good stuff in here.
  7. by   mkcrturner
    I just got my acceptance letter and they included a Holiday Gift Suggestion Letter.
    Here are things I didn't notice already mentioned.. but then again I am tired.. sorry if I am repeating....

    for non monetary idea: promise cards for babysitting when you need to study for test, promise cards to cook/clean if you get behind, promise cards for support as you go along- shoulder to cry on, someone to complain to...

    low cost= lot of hair tie back items

    misc i didn't notice above: pocket saver/organizer, good ink pens- black
  8. by   Elizabeth Hanes
    Quote from missnina
    • Good socks for clinicals. Mine are New Balance and have anti-blister technology.
    I was glad to see this. There's always so much discussion about shoes for nursing, but to me the real secret is SOCKS. Personally, I buy the thickest, most cushiony ones I can. They're a real foot-saver.