CAn anyone tell me about the TEAS test????

  1. Hi, I found out that if I'm accepted at the ADN program I applied I will have to take the TEAS. Do you have any idea on how hard is it? Is it a very specific test? Any help will be apreciated. I will know about the program at the end of April and I don't know whether to start studing for the Teas Test or wait until I know for sure. If you don't get enough points they give you one year to take remedials before acceptance and I'm not sure if one month will be enough to study for the test or I just start now. Thank's V.
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  3. by   deliverator
    I just took this test (January 2007) before I started my ADN program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. Basically it's a test that determines how successful you will be in the nursing program. My school had no such stipulation that if you did not do well on the TEAS, you had to take a year of remedial education. Basically if you graduated from High School, you can do this test. I suggest you pick up the study guide from ATI Testing to refresh your math and vocabulary skills. The test has really basic math on it. addition, subtraction, fractions, and algebra. Know your geometry, like pi, circumference, how to determine the volume, area, perimeter of various geometric shapes.

    Math is really important in the nursing program. Brush up on your conversion factors and metric system units. If you took high school chemistry/physics, these should be a cinch.

    Let me know if you need the study guide, Irvine is just a hop, skip, and jump away.

  4. by   HeartsOpenWide
    My college did this. You had to get a certain number to get points. The higher the test you got compared to the national average the more points you got. The points were added with other things like GPA...
    I bought a study book from the book store at school, but I know they sell them at the ATI web site. You can also pay $20 and you get to take a practice test as many times as you want. It goes over everything, A&P,Micro, Basic bio, earth science, chemistry, physics, math (from adding to algebra word problems), English, reading/comprehension.
    Its not terribly bad. Just super long. Make sure you pay attention to your time. If feels like being in high school taking your SATs
  5. by   deliverator
    Yeah. I forgot to mention time. Know how to manage your time on the test when answering the questions. I got stumped on several Biology cases and didn't realize the time I had left. I looked at the clock and saw that I only had 3 minutes to answer 10 questions.

    I took the TEAS after I had been accepted into the nursing program.
  6. by   NurseJeanB
    I took the TEAS twice. The first time I got a high score but I wanted it to be higher and I approached some of the areas wrong. Here is a couple of mistakes I made the first time and made sure I didn't make the same mistakes on the second. The first part Reading was common sense and not too hard. I read each question thoroughly and selected my answer and even had time to recheck all my answers. I got 96% percent the first time and 100% the second time. This got me thinking okay not too bad I have plenty of time then they hit you with the math. Now the math isn't overly difficult but there are many more questions and not a whole lot of time. You really have to be speedy. Go through the questions and backsolve if you can, but spend only a minute or two per question. Lets say you are multiplying or adding up some figures and each answer the last digit is unique if you solve and you get the last digit you can stop solving and go on. The mistake I made is I completely solved each question and then took the time to recheck. If you can't get the answer in a couple of minutes skip it and go on. Then be sure to at least take a guess on the ones you skipped. Luckily the second time I didn't have to guess on any. There are some conversion questions, and on both tests there was a question about cups/quarts/pints/gallon equivalencies. So know how many cups per quart/pint/gallon. The science section I was dissapointed in there are not many questions I think it was something like 38 but not a lot of chemistry, maybe 1 anatomy question, it is mostly biology. I think if you get the study guide the questions are similar although it seemed the study guide had some electrical questions which I don't recall being on either test. The English and punctuation is a long story or narrative and there will be underlined words or phrases and you have to determine if there are misspellings, grammatical errors, incorrect tense usage etc. I had plenty of time but you will find yourself second guessing yourself. (What is correct?she lay down or she laid down? ) Also on both tests there was a possesive its sentence. The book had its binding split. Should it be it's, or its (correct is its)
  7. by   rmewyf2benurse
    Thanks so much for all your descriptive information. I'll be taking the TEAS this fall.
  8. by   obicurn
    Just a quick plug here....I got the ATI study guide at the public library and saved myself some money. I only used it for a few days and it helped quite a bit. There will probably be a waiting list depending on where you live, but you can put in a hold request if you have the time to wait for it.
  9. by   bernice44
    I am also studying for the TEAS test and I am so scared I am not good at maths, but I am trying. I will visit the public library tomorrow and see if the study manual is available there and certainly save myself some money.

    You guys are a big help.
  10. by   Bree124
    Yes, definitely check with your local library or see if you can get a study guide on interlibrary loan.

    The test is is very basic, I believe it tests at an 11th grade level. Of course, for many of us, 11th grade was a long time ago! If you have a full month to study, you should do completely fine. I registered for the TEAS on a Thursday and took it on Tuesday. I read up on some basic chemistry and physics, and didn't study for the english and math sections. I scored very high.

    There is a website that can help you "diagnose" which areas to study - If you go to the nursing entrance tests, you should be able to take little mini-tests for each of the sections that lets you know what to study. If you score 20/20 on the math and 15/20 on the science, you know that you can focus your time on brushing up on science and you'll be fine.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Flames9_RN
    Our college requires the TEAS, at least they did last year, they may have chnaged to another exam type? I know for our school they allow one 3 tries at passing, and one can only write it once every 30 days! there is a TEAS book that one can purchase, or possibly get from the library!! I still have mine I believe! Sell for cheap,lol Best of luck
  12. by   cc71236
    will anyone out there seriously sell their study book for the Teas test? All the libraries can't keep them in stock. How doomed am I? As I took business in h.s...been out for over 30 years....yikes!
  13. by   BFulmore
    As I'm looking at this thread, I see that I'm responding nearly 3 full months later, but if you (or anyone else) would like a TEAS study guide, feel free to let me know.

    For anyone who may be getting the jitters about what's on the test and if you'll pass or not, please don't stress. I took the test just yesterday and I can tell you, it was nowhere nearly as difficult I thought it would be.

    Just do a little brushing up on the subject(s) you feel you need an extra understanding of (Math, Reading, Science, and/or English), and take your test confidently. I promise you will do just fine.
  14. by   Jam9697
    Was the test computer or paper?