Bummed out.Anybody receive their letter from Pasadena City College? I'm an alternate. - page 2

Ok, so I am a little bummed out. I received my letter from PCC today and I'm an alternate for the ladder program. I guess I should be happy to even be an alternate but I was so hoping on getting in... Read More

  1. by   MAmom81
    don't be bummed, I am sure that you will get into a nursing soon:spin: I have an appointment on August 2 to see what classes I need to take to get in the RN program at Antelope Valley College and have been told that there is a 2 year wait list!!! that's why I am going to start taking as many classes at AVC as I can handle so that I can put my name on the list as soon as possible, look at it this way at least you can apply to nursing school right now!!! I want to but I can't until I finish all of my requirments!!! I hope that you get into nursing soon and best of luck
  2. by   prinsessa
    I was on a waiting list for the school that I will be starting at in the fall. I didn't think I would be called because I was kind of high on the list. I think a lot of people apply to a lot of schools and have to turn some down. I will keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!
  3. by   LMRN10
    Best of luck to you!!! I look forward to finding out that you got in!!
  4. by   tm093726
    Here's a little update. I got into LACo College of nursing and just finished my transition class. All I have to say is wow. What an experience. They have basic and I mean basic equipment. Lets just say we make do with what we have. Thanks to all for the great words of encouragement.