1. If I recall, you are taking a test this weekend? The TEAS, NLN or NET?

    If so, I am sending you all my *kick a$$* vibes!

    Good Luck and report back soon!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Batman24
    Thanks sweetie!! I am taking the NLN AT 8:30 tomorrow morning. Nervous but excited for it to be over!! I will report in tomorrow afternoon on how I did. Me scared. LOL!!
  4. by   nessa1980
    I too am taking the NLN tomorrow morning at 8:30am. Best of Luck Batman!!!
    Im not sure if Im prepared but at this point I just want it over and done with so I can study for the subjects I am currently taking.
    I will report back here after exam. Please let me know how you got on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK GIRL!!!!!!!!! :spin:
  5. by   starbabyfive
    best of luck to batman & nessa tomorrow.
    you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Batman24
    Good luck Nessa!! Thanks everyone!! I should be home late afternoon which what is sure to be one tired brain. lol I will report in too. I am glad it's almost over. Reviewing a bit today and then I am going to attempt to get some sleep which is doubtful. I have been dreaming of tests for weeks. hehe
  7. by   nessa1980
    Yeah - Im kind of reviewing today too but cant seem to focus. Im tired of going over the same stuff. After my exam tomorrow, Im gonna have to go to the library and study cos have a major Microbiology exam on Wednesday and have spent the last few days reviewing for NLN only.
    Im taking mine in Manhattan!!
    Just think, this time tomorrow, it'll be behind us!!!

    By the way, thanks StarBaby, I hope you're right!!!!!
  8. by   roxxy3773
    Good luck Nessa and Batman, we'll be thinking of you!!
  9. by   lisabeth
    Best of luck to both of you.
  10. by   Batman24
    Thank God it's OVER!! WOO HOO!!

    I am not quite sure how I did. I do know I passed, but beyond that it is really hard to tell as there are so many experimental questions on it. Hopefully I got them wrong and the others right, but knowing my luck I wouldn't count on it. lol

    I am going to break the test down into sections to help those that take it from here on out.

    Verbal-I did well on this section. There were a few words that I hadn't even heard of before, but overall I feel confident about this part. I studied words for hours for this section and if I had to do it all over again I wouldn't have. It's a waste of time as you have no idea what word/s will show up on it. Just do your best.

    Reading-I was most afraid of this section going into the exam. I love to read, but get nervous during comp tests. I found this section easier than the ones in the book. The most helpful hint I can give here is to read the question before starting the test. That helped to keep me calm and really read with more focus.

    Math-I felt this was my strongest going into the test, but time FLIES on this section. Blink your eyes and it is over. Keep moving. Book didn't help as much as I thought it would for this part. I had one geometry, one angle and one algebra question. So much time wasted on things not even included. The graphs also threw me as I wasn't expecting them.

    Science-I was LIVID over this section. I studied for hours. I knew that book pretty much inside and out and would have aced it if more of it was actually on the test!! WTH?! No meosis, no ears, no muscles, no covalent bonds, no electronegativity, etc. I even studied series and parallel again and again and the question had nothing to do with what was taught. Ditto for a bunch of other questions as well. I made a mistake on an easy one which is irritating me. lol

    Best news is that it is over. I am glad I learned so much, but do feel that a bit of it was for naught as so much of what I studied wasn't included. I feel a little ripped off which isn't fair as it was an assessment test, but just don't know if it really showed all the knowledge I do possess. Does that make sense?! lol

    Thanks to all of you for your help. I now understand why none of you could remember a thing when you came out. Brain is mush. hehe
  11. by   JDLAStew
    Glad it's over for ya girlie...hope you celebrated the end of the stress. Now have fun for the next week--cause the weeks to follow will be wrecked with stress anticipating the envelope with your results! They'll come soon enough and I bet you did great!
  12. by   Batman24
    Went to dinner tonight and next week I need to clean my messy apartment. Usually it's spotless, but it took a beating last week. lol I also owe back a bunch of calls to friends so it will be nice to catch up before starting in on NET and Accuplacer. I am going to give myself off until Wednesday as a treat. lol

    Not feeling very confident. I made a lot of dumb mistakes on the science part. I do think I did well on the nursing type science questions, but my guess is most of them were experimental to just see where we stand on medical things. Bummed as I knew so much of the book and so little of it asked. It threw me a bit, but I shouldn't have let it. No amount of studying that book would help with that ohm question. lol
  13. by   gigi15
    Hi Batman, i feel your pain exactly, i took the test 2/23 and math is usually my strongest, well i ran out of time, had to guess tha last 10. But i'm right there with you, i studied that book front and back and in retrospect i could not have prepared any more.
    i did finish on the verbal and science sections ---- but alas ---- must wait for the results as i cannot reall half of the questions and have no clue on how i did.

    best of luck to you and eeryone else.