Anyone waiting on Fall 2007 acceptance?

  1. Hi all. Just wondering if anyone wanted to wait impatiently with me on their acceptance letter for next fall? I finished my interview, TEAS test and essay yesterday and now have to wait until the end of September to get "THE LETTER".

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  3. by   Jilaweez
    Isn't anyone waiting to for their letter for next fall? I just started the waiting process and i'm already going nuts. I was wondering where everyone is applying, what their application process was like and when thier letters are supposed to arrive. I have to wait until end of september early october before I know. I applied at SACN in rockford IL and I will be applying to NIU soon as well.

  4. by   cad4296
    I will be in January! All the schools around here have application deadlines between mid-January-April for Fall 2007. So you had to apply and wait an entire year before actually starting the program? Wow I would be going insane too! Good luck to you!
  5. by   Jilaweez
    Yeah, doesn't that stink, waiting for a full year. There were two tiers for applying, if you had a GPA above 3.0 you could apply by Aug 15th, below 3.0 you had to wait until the January 15th deadline. I am glad to be first tier but the waiting seems so harsh. It's hard when you have been working so long and hard as it is. I may still be waiting with you in January. Let me know how it goes!!!
  6. by   cad4296
    That's pretty cool the two tier thing! I wish our school had something like that. I've been just waiting to apply! This fall I am taking the last of my required courses for BSN. I have all the pre-reqs so just finishing core requirements (english 2, history 2, fine arts credit) and my last BSN requirement (organic chem) so come january I will actually have nothing to take! I'll probably take some classes that just peak my interest while waiting, but that's going to be painful just waiting! I hope you get in! Is it a BSN or ADN program you applied to? I'm going to apply to both programs but really hoping to get into the BSN one since I waited all this time to apply so I could have their requirements done!
  7. by   Jilaweez
    Yeah, I like the two tier thing as well, hopefully it means something, who knows. I think there are only 150-200 applicants and only 40 get in. I guess that's not bad compared to the CC college where I am taking my pre reqs, they get 1700 applicants and accept 120. I am going for my BSN as well. I am also taking organic chm and PHI this semester, maybe we'll be able to help each other. I still have to take microbiology but I decided to wait until spring since I too will have time to pass. I plan on taking the summer semester off, although if I get in they do have summer classes, it would be nice to take one and lighten my first semester nur load.

    What is your application process like, any tests or interviews? I didn't do well on my entrance test, I scored 77.6 which is pretty upsetting to me. The college didn't require it last year so I wasn't really prepared to take it. I mostly scored poorly on the math and I am an A math student. I had to write an essay at the time of my interview, I think it went okay. I guess all I can do now is wait and see. I had every confidence before I went for that test and interview, now i'm not so sure. I am going to apply to NIU this fall as well, but thier apps come out much later.
    Congrats on finishing your pre-reqs soon, keep me posted on your app process and good luck!!
  8. by   tookewlandy
    Good Luck Guys!!!!!!!!woot
  9. by   LMRN10
    I still have to take the test (took it for this semester, but didn't make it due to reasons beyond my control)

    I am hoping to get into next years Nursing Program for Fall 2007. Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll do the same for you!!
  10. by   Jilaweez
    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!! Did you re-apply already or will you be soon? I was soooo sure about applying to this program and now that I am waiting to get in I feel unsure. I think it's a defense mechanism so I don't get disappointed if I don't make it. It's frustrating waiting.

    Keep me posted on your progress, it makes it easier to have other people sharing the same experiences.

    Good Luck!!
  11. by   LMRN10
    I did not re-apply yet, but I have to take the test and have all the paperwork in by the first week of January. I was going to take the test this month, but decided to wait until I can study more. I have an 11 month old at home and work a full-time job, so my time to study is slim to none at this point!! The last time I took the test, I got a 70% (score total) which I was very upset about!! So, I didn't get in. What can you do though. I am hoping this time around I can get in. If I don't, then I will have to wait another year and I'll be done with my pre-req's in the spring.

    I'll definitely keep you posted!! I need to come here more often, but don't get much time!! :spin:
  12. by   natrgrrl
    I will apply in Novemver for the June deadline. I have heard that the program I am trying to get into has approx. 500 applicants each year and 80 spots open. There is no waiting list, so the top 80 students will get in and the rest have to improve their GPA for the following year.
    If I don't get accepted--but I really think I will--I am going to get a certificate for Spanish for Medical Professionals.
    I wish everyone luck on their acceptance into a nursing program.
    By the way, how does the program work where you are applying?
    Here, a person has to be a nursing assistant before they can apply to LPN program, and you have to be an LPN in order to qualify for the RN program. This is for the Associate Degree RN.

  13. by   LMRN10
    Our program is an RN Associates program. It's a 2 year program and they will take the top students to fill the slots. We do not have to be a Medical Assistant or LPN prior to becoming an RN here.
  14. by   Jilaweez
    The program I applied for just requires you to have completed a general associates degree. You take the first two years at a CC or university and the last two years are completed there. You do not need to be a CNA or RN. It is a BSN program.
    It seems like no one else had to apply this early though. It's kind of good because if I don't get in I can still apply to other schools by Jan./Feb. and still start next fall.

    It seems to me that all the programs have very few spots and tons of applicants. Hopefully we all get in somewhere!!