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Did anyone apply to CSU Sacramento's BSN program for Fall 2009? Have you heard back from them? I'm curious as to when acceptance/rejection/alternate letters will be distributed. I'm a nervous... Read More

  1. by   knina
  2. by   vixnnet
    well now i feel special-er Mo, thanks :P
  3. by   Vidah
    This is an older thread, but I just want to say congrats on getting in. How do you like it so far? I'm trying to get in Spring 2010 and there will be less students applying because it is closed to outside transfers and freshmen. I saw that some of you got in even if you were on alternate #24 or something! Is it because 24 people declined to go? I'm very nervous and I know that this is probably my best chance of getting in because so much less people will apply this Spring. I think I'll have a nervous breakdown until November