Anybody Still Waiting?

  1. To get into nursing school this fall? I know I am letters don't get mailed out until mid to late june. June is going to be a long month for me. I'm lucky I have my CNA class to keep me busy for most of the month. When do your letters go out? Do you feel like you have a good chance to get in? What are you going to do if you don't? I'm taking my egl 101 over (got a C) this summer just in case I don't get in this semester. That way i'll have my gpa boost for when I reapply next spring. I think I have a good chace to get in though.
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  3. by   nocheapones
    I'm still waiting. I knew it would be a long wait because admissions needed to see my final transcript for this last semester (I was taking chemistry) before they could make a decision. My transcript was sent out today and I talked to someone at the school who said they still weren't full for fall, so I still have a chance. I'm hoping that they will call next week and schedule an interview. I think I have a pretty good chance because I have a 4.0, had a 3.0 in high school and scored 1200 on the SATs (in 2002), which normally I wouldn't think too much of but apparently that is largely what they base admissions on since they don't use any sort of nursing entrance tests. I also feel like the essays that I had written as part of my application were strong, and I know my letters of reference were really good. I think my biggest obstacle was the deadline, which was in April, because even though the admissions secretary told me it would be okay to submit my stuff then and then just resubmit my transcript at the end of the semester, I was afraid that they would fill up before I would get a chance to finish. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This is my top choice school.

    Are you trying to get in to an RN or LPN program? Mine is RN.
  4. by   tfleuter
    Deadline for the Fall at my school just ended today. It will take 8 weeks to get the letters out, which means I won't know if I'm accepted till the middle of July. Somedays I feel confident that I will get in and other days I'm not so sure. If I don't get in, I have a back up plan that will keep me busy through the fall and I will reapply in the spring. I would definately prefer to start as soon as possible, but won't be too upset if I have to wait till spring.
  5. by   Unique87
    I'm apply for the RN program. The reason it's taking so long is because they are waiting to see if people pass their pre req classes at the end of the semester. Then they calculate the gpa to see who gets in.
  6. by   PBPointer
    I'm waiting too. Yesterday was 3 weeks since applications were due and we were told 4-6 weeks wait. Good luck to everyone
  7. by   janaye524
    I took my NET April 24 and letter start going out Monday. I am anxious. I have called the director of the nursing department several times asking her what my status was. She all but told me I was in. She cant say over the phone, but she has said things like "I can almost say with confidence that everything looks really good and you are ok by a long shot". Needlesstosay, I need to see the letter for myself. It is nerve wrecking. I have a back up plan for the fall and don't want to be overly confident, but I think I made it in this fall. This summer I am taking Pharmocology and Micro.
  8. by   Cilantrophobe
    Girl, I feel you. Letters don't go out till June for us either so I will just have to wait patiently. I don't care how conceited this sounds but I KNOW that I will get it. It would have to be a FREAK disaster for me to not get in because I have a perfect GPA and I got a 92 on the entrance exam. And to add to that I haven't met one person at my school who can pass the entrance exam because they changed it and apparently it is much harder. Thank God it doesn't apply to me!!! In addition to my GPA and entrance exam I will have taken ALL of the pre- and co-reqs by summers end.

    Good luck to everyone that applied. This is such an exciting time for all of us. We have worked so hard and it WILL pay off!

    (I am applying to an ADN program)
  9. by   lorba
    My school is supposed to let us know some time in June. I think they're waiting for this semester to be over so they can calculate the grades into the GPA. The semester ends the second week in June so hopefully by the end of that month I'll know. I can't wait!
  10. by   SwtSangria
    I'm still waiting also..and it's literally driving me crazy. No. REALLY. :SIGH: ..either that or it's my QLC thats giving me a few 1, 2 knock out punches. But yes, I'm waiting still. Submitted my app for Fall 09 before April 15th when it was due. It's now May (what a draag). This semester ends this coming wk. I emailed the school of nursing and they said it'd be early June when they can calc the we'd find out if we get in or not late June to early July. I really wanna know soo badly. I'm kind've nervous though because I'm barely hitting the GOOD STANDING mark...but I did surpass the cut off. So I still got a chance! If I don't get in the school of my choice..I'll go with my second. As for classes...I'll probably take classes to fulfill my minor and/or choose which of my pre-reqs I want to redo to improve my score for next time (next time? boy...that doesn't sound so appealing...this process of getting into nursing school is taking FOREVER).
  11. by   4lotus8
    I'm still waiting as well. Although I did get accepted to the university already, the School of Nursing won't send out their acceptance letters until late June or first week of July. Like others here, they will not accept/deny any sooner than that because there are still many people finishing up their last prereqs and they need final grades for Spring. I feel like I may have a good chance because they use a point-system, and based on past years, I have well above the cut-off. However, competition is getting stiffer every year and they started to implement a different criteria for Fall 2009 acceptance. So again, I have to wait. Its killing me that I have to wait so long!!
  12. by   Calinurse4
    I will find out this Wednesday at 5:00 pm! I applied back in January, so it's been a looooong wait. I'm so anxious! It's done by lottery, so it all comes down to luck for me...
  13. by   kitti419
    Still waiting. Deadline was March 15th. At first we were told we would get letters extending an interview, but now we (applicants) are being told there may not be an interview- just a "yes" or "no." This is for an accelerated ADN prog. starting Sept 09. My backup is an LPN prog. that starts in Aug. I'm taking the PSB for that one tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.
  14. by   Lennonninja
    I turned my applications in back in March and it's still about 2 weeks until letter go out. I'm going crazy because I just want to KNOW already!